NiQue Interiors
" Delivering comprehensive design solutions with an eye for detail, commitment to quality, and passion for service."
NiQue Interiors
" Delivering comprehensive design solutions with an eye for detail, commitment to quality, and passion for service."

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Design is in the Details

At Nique Interiors, functionality and aesthetics converge to transform any interior space into a modern reflection of our client's vision and lifestyle. We take an innovative and strategic approach in developing custom-tailored solutions that streamline tasks, inspire individuals, and evoke emotion.


Take a peek at what's possible with these innovative designs brought to life.

We offer the unique ability to work effectively with businesses, decorators, designers, & homeowners, regardless of your stage in the design process.

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I had the pleasure of working with Aileen from Nique Interiors, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with her talent and creativity. Aileen completely transformed my living space into a haven of beauty and sophistication. Every detail was carefully curated, and her unique style truly shone through. My friends and family have been blown away by the stunning transformation, and I constantly receive compliments on the exquisite design. Aileen's natural talent and out-of-the-box thinking make her a true gem in the world of interior design. If you want a home that reflects your personality and stands out from the crowd, I highly recommend Aileen and Nique Interiors!

Jessica Thompson

Aileen, the interior designer I've worked with, is truly exceptional and talented. She has transformed my mundane space into a gorgeous and breathtaking home. Her unique style and natural talent shine through, impressing everyone who visits. The design and decorating are so beautiful that every person who comes to my home goes crazy over it. Aileen's work is outside the box and her creativity is evident. Working with her brings astonishment and joy.

You just feel complete joy in the space she creates for you!

Julie Miller Residence

Working with Nique Interiors, specifically with Aileen, has been an absolute delight. I've worked with other interior designers in the past, but Aileen's expertise and vision set her apart from the rest. She took my space, which was rather uninspiring, and turned it into a breathtaking masterpiece. Aileen's attention to detail and her ability to infuse creativity into every aspect of the design is truly remarkable. My home now feels like a work of art, and I couldn't be happier with the result. If you want a talented, passionate, and unique interior designer, look no further than Nique Interiors and Aileen.

David Martinez

Aileen from Nique Interiors skillfully transformed my home into a personalized masterpiece, blending functionality and beauty. Her unique style shines in every corner, creating an inviting and comfortable space that reflects my personality. I highly recommend Aileen and Nique Interiors for an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind interior design experience.

Emily Anderson

A thrilled client of Nique Interiors praises Aileen's passion and magical space transformation skills. Aileen's unique style and attention to detail gave the client's home a contemporary, personalized feel, making the process stress-free. They highly recommend Nique Interiors for turning design visions into reality.

Michael Johnson

Amazing professional lady. She oversaw all the work when I had my master bathroom remodeled. Very conscientious with attention to detail. Happily give her work 5 stars.

Brigitte F.

Aileen, thank you for your outstanding work on my home remodel project. I appreciate your attention to detail. I will let you know when I’m ready for phase two. Thanks,

Kevin Smith

I wholeheartedly recommend Aileen  as an exceptional interior designer. Working with her was an absolute pleasure - her approachable and friendly demeanor makes the collaboration process feel effortless. Aileen's undeniable talent shines through in her captivating renderings, each capturing a unique and imaginative vision that perfectly transforms spaces. Her keen eye for detail and creative flair make her an invaluable asset in bringing any interior design project to life.

Angela Michaelian