Also, this morning their telephone and website system was down . Hello. I have had a similar experience and would like to join. Not sure why any company wants to be so shady. They never tell that the fees will go up either. 19+ years of ownership. Even that seem a scam. Check out Bay Area safety tracker, Bay Area Life; Sundays at 6:30 p.m. on ABC7. They passed us around to 3-4 different people. this like mafia run bullshit. Im a good person but Wyndhams business model for business growth for 2023 absolutely and obviously SUCKS! Then when we tried to get a place, we had to give three or four months notice to use our points, and if we didnt use all the points up by the end of the year we had to transfer them over to RCI or we would lose them. Its. Would love to get my money back and unload this mess. Dont rely solely on waitlists. Now going through a divorce yeah cant sell them back. We now take the room phone off the hook to avoid them. I get to pay every month but cant use the product. My boyfriend and I were misled in the same ways mentioned above. Instead of reforming its practices, it has doubled down on its deceptions. We ended up having to have a higher interest rate because of those asshats!!! I questioned and questioned about maintenance fees because I had heard they can get high. I asked 3 times to have the contract resent and never got it in any other email. First, the program requires the Wyndham owner to purchase additional points in order to participate. v. Wyndham Vacation Resorts Inc., Case No. These people who sell these timeshares are crooked, lying, thieving, deceptive salespeople who will outright tell a falsehood, not caring how it affects the customer, just to make a sale. I have experienced mostly all of the experiences that many others have experienced or are experiencing now. Didnt happenmy husband left very mad and it ruined our vacation he still talks about it and its been 2-3 years ago. I was even told that if I purchase a new vacation package as a deed owner I could walk away anytime no questions asked. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against hotel chain Wyndham Worldwide and three subsidiaries for allegedly storing data in plain text and other security failures that. It is time for sales to ease off. There was one deal only and only one salesperson. My children and i were lied to, they promised us credit cards we could use to offset maintenance fees. My fianc and myself were intentionally misled by this company also! We discussed with management but got no acknowledgement of the problem, then they presented us a deal for extra points. You can never use the timeshare when you want it theyre always full. I didnt realize they change their options all the time. I told him I couldnt afford more points or even the down payment. I couldnt believe my ears when they came home and told me, telling me that I would receive it when they pass. He wants me to stop paying but I am afraid it is going to affect my credit score. My biggest problem is that what they are giving the owners is NOT what the owners bought. In a proposed nationwide class action lawsuit filed Friday in the Western District of Missouri . Can we join the lawsuit. I already own and they keep calling me and leaving voicemails to see how Im doing and then taking about all these special offers to buy more points and how I need to buy different points. After saying no MANY times we got talked into purchasing points and I want out! She then spoke to me in a derogatory tone, claiming we was make a huge mistake by not upgrading. Very pushy.Our sale man was a actor so he showed us all his pictures from being in Hawaii 5 O. Our story with Wyndham is the same as all these complaints. The DuBoses are Georgia residents who say they made their purchase of a Wyndham timeshare on June 23, 2016, in Florida. I was told my maintenance fee would go up each year (& that after about 10 years would be greater than $400), while converting to Panama City Beach, I would monthly $250 for decades so confusing. Our living conditions are bad, my credit runs my life and it is bad because of Wyndham. The copy is a COMPLETE SCAM! We visited Wyndhams Smugglers Notch summer before last. They came to our room when we were having breakfast. Yes, absolutely everything everyone has commented here is TRUE!! . She just won a wrongful termination lawsuit against the timeshare company, Wyndham Vacation Ownership -- and it is huge. Its like fighting for scraps from the dinner table. Same lies, but they also asked that we wait 10 days for our info to get updated into the system. I still enjoy that timeshare and working with the people who run it. Im a Gold member and my wife and I dont go to the booth to collect their Welcome Package when we arrive at destinations because this is how they try to get you to sign up for their presentations. The sales rep were only supposed to get us a lower interest rate on our original timeshare which we were only able to utilize once ironically at the site of this current issue in Atlantic City. Then you had the buy back program, if you buy another 15K in points and stay in the program for 5 more years they will buy it back for 20% of what you have in it, so you basically getting what you paid to get into the program and fees you pay during the five years, back where you started. Last time I stayed on hold for an hour and thirty-seven minutes only to be told that IT would be in touch. Finally said I was gonna call law. I filed a complaint with Wyndham and they did an imvestigation that took a couple of months. Everything stated in that class action lawsuit we have experienced. We recieved notification that we no longer owned our timeshare that we paid $27,000 for!!! Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic , we didnt plan to travel during my pregnancy why would we need anymore points? I own one time share and have been trying to address a password problem. I started out on the weeks system. Include me too please!! They only tell U what they want you to hear to get you into getting their timeshare if we just knew everything we would have never did this to ourselves. One family member needed the 3 bedroom and so the agent on the phone said he could make the switch.. Signed so we could get out of there, Wyndham lied to us in 2016 and told us our payments would be lower and interest lowered. They told me I had to get a different package and wasnt able to get out of the time share, When I told them I wanted to call my lawyer so that he can send them the drafted paperwork they informed me Im not allowed to do it. I cant do it on line and call the help number. I never even asked for a refund of the money i already paid into it. Save the sales pitch for the guy who is coming down for a free vacation. I would like to be added to the class action suit. This company has issues and I would love to share more info and explain more into to detail because I know this is a lot of information. I called today to move it again but they said that I had to April to complete my travel. He did a quick credit card check and said no problem. After well over 4 hrs of high pressure talking from the sales reps, I was ready to sign anything just to get out of there!! Pissed to say the least. All Rights Reserved. I have spent countless hours trying to book vacations only to be told there arent any available dates. Weve been owners for over 20 yrs , , we say NO in mtgs and have walked out . Promises of vacations all over the world yet every time I tried to book there was nothing available yet if I called the hotel directly there were plants of rooms available. Please tell me how to join. They called again saying i needed to come down now. In total I have 8 hours just in trying to pay that bill; they should pay me for all the time they took from me. They ended up booking us in 2 different resorts for the same 2 weeks to eat up all the points we had purchased. I was there until about 2 am. What do I need to do to be included in this class action lawsuit? 4 hours later I am free to go with my new very small plan after being passed from one sales rep to another and any other that happened to pass by my table. All of these comments mirror my experiences. Id bet over 100,000 people have a very similar story. All of that and more is true. Adele Bowen. They promised the work but never provided him anything. My parents are getting old and will most likely not travel far to use this. They pressured us for a couple of hours and said we were stupid for not buying. Please add me if there is a class action. I want out and I had no idea about a 10-day window, when ist was over Christmas. Then we noticed that we were both approved for a credit card thru them that we never applied for. We live next to one of the resorts and were told we could the amenities, not true; we were told the maintenance fees would never go up, not true. Five years after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, millions of Facebook users may be able to get money from the social media company for their troubles. Definitely something to check out.. Tara, We have had our timeshare since 2013 and were sold a program for every even year. document.getElementById( "ak_js_5" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); @2023 Top Class Actions. I purchased a discovery access contract when I was at one of these 90 minute sales presentations in San Antonio, TX on September 25 2020. We had seven days to cancel. COVID hit. Told them no over and over. They offered me a whopping $700 for my $25,000 timeshare. We have the same exact experiance. After investigation, it was learned that Smugglers Notchs salesman had put in an application!!! Now I attend for the freebies despite my children telling me not to go . Liars and thieves are what these guys are! In one place in the contract, once we could read it, it says we have 5 days to cancel but in another place it says the laws of Florida rule and Florida law says you have 7 days. My husband and I spent all day being told all the reasons why we needed to buy more points. "I gotta tell you I'm proud of it now. This year when we booked a week in Smugglers Notch, we were told when we checked in that there were updates to membership and if we met with Wyndham it should take less than an hour. I was also promised all the above. Basically talking them into buying the grand Puba package for their children to inherit. we would like to add to too. They are only pressure driven sales. We had no idea who she was so didnt read the email. When I finally agreed to sign their lowest package deal they allowed me to leave. .we have NO problems saying NO .also ,,if it runs over the time they say , we have sd ok, youre times up , good bye and have left . Please add me to this lawsuit as well. Won my trust scammed me by saying he could do all these amazing things to help if I upgraded I said I was retiring soon and $500 a month would be a stretch.. scammed me I now somehow bought all these points (why would I do that when I never used the ones I had?)