He has devastating attacks and is very good at reversals. After the first [test], Im like, Oh, are we sure? If selected, the attacker and defender must compete to rapidly press the displayed / / / button during submissions. You can hold your own with Jericho in the ring and hit reversals comfortably to stay on top of the match and keep in the flow of the objectives. She began dating Graves in 2019 and they got married last year. If you do that and then hit Y/, you will perform and unstoppable elimination and knock the opponent clean out of the ring. Ty! Unlockables: Daniel Bryan 10, Chris Jericho 10, NXT 10, Objective2: Perform a running strike in front of a standing Miz in the ring, Objective 4: Perform a diving attack to Miz from the top rope while he stands in the ring, Objective 7:Perform a running strike in the corner to a front-facing Miz, Objective8: Perform a grapple in the corner to a front-facing Miz, Objective9: Lock in the Yes Lock and tap out The Miz. I just got the game yesterday, and I can't figure out how to escape a pin. advertisement. The objectives are all simple enough, but it can be tricky to dodamage to Cena as he tries to pummel you into the ground. But it also depends on their stats. They'll lean against the object and you can then grapple them and, regardless of size difference, slam them through it. Mercenaries mode is a special mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake that challenges players to survive and score as many points as they can against waves of enemies, with all sorts of ways to extend time, gain score multipliers, and more. Save as much stamina as you can because all those diving attacks will be very hard to hit if you don't have the energy to get up to the top turnbuckle ingood time., Unlockables: SummerSlam 13 Attire, John Cena 13, SummerSlam 13, Objective2: Perform a standing strong strike while facing Jey Uso, Objective3: Damage Jimmy Uso in the cage, Objective4: Perform a running strike on Jimmy Uso while in the Tree of Woe, Objective6: Damage Bray Wyatt in the cage, Objective7: Front grapple Bray Wyatt in the cage. When you purchase WWE 2K19 Xbox One Controls; WWE 2K19 PS4 Cheats; WWE 2K19 Xbox One Cheats; WWE 2K19 Cheats, Tips and Tricks; WWE 2K19 PC Cheats; 1 comment. The veteran Bryan is more complete and stronger, making it an easy win if you control him. 105K views 4 years ago This WWE 2K19 tutorial video shows tips on how to improve and master the default/stick submission system in the game. someting wrong tell you rando rousey has 100 teknical sub power but cant even summit with her finisher arm bar even alica fox but other wrestler like aj supmit brock lesnar with signature moves calf crusher brock has very high defense by the way some moves are broken tell you head and arm submissons are broken body and legs fine so far. WWE NXT delivered an early spring gift to fans with its Spring Breakin' special on Tuesday. To win you must get the red ball through the gap eight times. Move: LS Any Direction . Cookie Notice Graves has three children from a previous marriage. PINFALLS WWE games always seem easy to play, and that can be true until you end up with a weird match stipulation or against a seasoned player online. If selected, the attacker and defender must compete to rapidly press the displayed / / / button during submissions. Kane's role as The Authority's puppet sparked the feud, and this match was worthy of the title. Privacy Policy. - Full List and NEW Matches, WWE 2K19 Arenas FULL LIST: All Current, Classic and Create-An-Arena. Its unfortunate that it robs you of the true excitement that should be there., A post shared by Leah Van Dale (@carmellawwe). So its really just been such a mind work to get my head around. Ready to hit the squared circle? This can be tough. Unlockables: Daniel Bryan 14, Bray Wyatt 14, Luke Harper 14, Erick Rowan 14, Jey Uso 14, Jimmy Uso 14, Objective1: Perform a standing strong strike on Triple H, Objective3: Perform a running front grapple on a standing Triple H, Objective4:Perform an apron attack on Triple H from ringside, Objective 5:Perform a diving attack from the top rope on a standing Triple H at ringside, Objective 7:Perform a german suplex on Triple H in the ring, Objective 8:Perform the Yes Lock on Triple H in the ring, Objective10:Perform an OMg suicide dive on Triple H, Objective 11:Damage Triple H in the ring, Objective 12:Perform a diving attack on a standing Triple H in the ring, Objective13: Perform a corner finisher on Triple H in the ring. Grab the glowing orb to help put your opponent away or escape! Bryan starts this match with a heavily bandaged left shoulder and yellow arm health which you will be battling all match. I want the old one back. You can then select if you want a chair, a baseball bat, a sledgehammer, a kendo stick, a ladder, or a table. You should change the mini-game to using the arrow keys. I haven't started my Universe Mode yet, but when I do, I already changed the submission option to button mashing. WWE 2K20: Complete controls guide (Tag, Ladder, Royal Rumble, Weapons, Cage, Hell in a Cell) - PS4, Xbox One, & PC Core Games FIFA eFootball Sports Football Manager Madden NBA 2K WWE 2K Genshin Impact Custom side plates not appearing in universe mode? Here comes the pain / SVR 2006. With Money In The Bank and Tables, Ladders, & Chairs pay-per-views focusing on the ladder match it's vital thatyou understand how to climb up the ladder (LB/L1) and claim the prize at the top. Not only is Randy Orton a very strong opponent but the objectives are rather difficult. Once a submission is applied by you, your bar which is RED is on the same circle as your opponent. It can be tough to turn the tide in a match and the reversal system is there to help you. It's not the same mechanic I was used to with 2k17.I'm frustrated and sick of my boyfriend laughing at me! Doing it all at once will take a lot of time, however if you do it several times then get knocked off the ladder, your opponent will not have to perform all eight themselves. The outside ring area is extremelysmall, limiting the offense you can have there and even making you unable to get a weapon from under the ring. Privacy Policy. That was the best ever. We've received your submission. Its not a garbage mechanic because you arent good at it. This is where the limb targeting system comes into effect. Submission: Hold RT + Hold A/Hold R2 + Hold Cross; Irish . SUBMISSIONS (ALT.) We have them all for both Xbox One and PS4. Carmella has been a WWE womens tag-team champion and SmackDown womens champion. 1 15 WWE Professional wrestling Professional sport Combat sport Sports 15 Comments sorted by Best Chrisbradley1 3 yr. ago ive been trying to figure that out since Christmas day Scan this QR code to download the app now. This Indiana Jones 5 trailer was revealed during Star Wars Celebration 2023. Once you complete the final match you get a WWE 2K19 showcase secret match between the 2003 Bryan Danielson and 2018 Daniel Bryan. The wheel system is excellent. You only get so many reversals to start a match, but they replenish over time as you use them. The thing everyone wants to do these days is climb the cell itself, and of courseyou can still do that this year. You can download the full WWE 2K19 Game Instructions Manual directly on your computer or device. The body in the hud is the damage that matters for submission holds. Isolating your opponents so you can perform the necessarymoves is tough, but it can be done. #4. 2K Showcase has always told the story of a wrestler or rivalry, but after covering stars like Steve Austin and Randy Orton it disappeared for a few years from WWE 2K games. MANUALS Choose a Region and Platform: PS4 U.S. Canada U.K. Germany France Italy Spain Netherlands Japan Korea Taiwan: Xbox One How do you make a tag team execute its tag team finisher? Another lengthy war for Daniel Bryan, this match is arguably his best in WWE. This is a tough one. The-Apostle 4 years ago #1 I can't even win with button mash and the other one is a garbage mechanic. Your superstar will lift the apron cover and start tolook for a weapon under the ring. You can download the full WWE 2K19 Game Instructions Manual directly on your computer or device. But it is still not easy. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa22908e2647cdda815d262839fc9f49" );document.getElementById("f756645e86").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. Those games have excellent controls and are like a blend of AKI games and early smackdown games. Sucks! He will reallytest your ability to position yourself and manage your reversals. You'll execute a move specifically meant to hurt that body part. You will be prompted to begin tapping buttons as your superstar finds their footing on the cage. Name * If you can, please advise how to. This match celebrates one of the biggest reactions in Raw history as Daniel Bryan turns his back on the Wyatt family during a cage match against the Usos. Valve Corporation. The button mashing method is worse when you're on defense. If their meter is low or cleared, then I could make them submit. Then use LB/L1 and move toward the door again to begin leaving. wwe2k19 submission system for me the submission system is really great for fighting online player,but its really suck when match againts AI,is trhere any way to nerf AI reaction on submission mini game? This is perfectly legal in a ladder match where there are no disqualifications, but if you want to get reallyextreme, you can lean the ladder into the corner of the ring (LB + RB + LS Direction/L1 + R1 + LS Direction) and drive your opponent through it. Unlockables: Bryan Danielson, John Cena '03, Velocity '03, Objective 1:Perform a standing strong strike in front of Chris Jericho in the ring, Objective 2:Perform a running strike in front of a standing Chris Jericho in the ring, Objective 3:Perform a running strike in the corner on a front-facing Chris Jericho, Objective4: Damage Chris Jericho in the ring, Objective5: Perform a running strike in front of a standing Chris Jericho in the ring, Objective6: Cover Chris Jericho for the pin, Objective7: Perform a standing strong strike in front of Chris Jericho in the ring, Objective8: Perform a springboard attack from the apron to the ring on Chris Jericho. Are we sure? I mean, I took [additional tests] for weeks just to make sure they still said positive, she said. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Its end. It's just a fun "dream match" in the WrestleMania 34 arena. I want the old one back already. To climb the Chamber walls you need to move toward them and press LB/L1, if your opponent is up there with you, you can knock them off and then dive down onto them. Required fields are marked * Comment. They didn't take that long for me to get the hang of. Not all match types allow you to use weapons, but Extreme Rules, Ladder Matches, or a Triple Threat match will allow you to use a weapon without the referee disqualifying you. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us. I believe the AI uses the reverse meters to counter the submission. All rights reserved. No, if you were good at the wheel you could easily. Didn't work! Directed by James Mangold, the movie also stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Antonio Banderas, John Rhys-Davies, Shaunette Renee Wilson, Thomas Kretschmann, Toby Jones, Boyd Holbrook, Oliver Richters, Ethann Isidore, and Mads Mikkelsen. Finishing the 2K Showcase not only unlocks a lot of bonus characters, attires, and arenas, but it also gets you a 30G achievement/Gold trophy as well as 3,500 VC. To start climbing the cage simplymove toward the ropes and press LB/L1. i damage their limb,still fail to tapout them,its really annoying,button mashing is utterly impossible,the AI is really good. If you have the wrong opponent in the ring, then just whip him into his teams corner and leave him there. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. An alternate submission mechanic option is also available in WWE 2K19. You won't receive any unlockables for winning this match, but you'll have a lot of fun completing it. If you are playing as a real tag team, such as The Bar or New Day, you can even finish your opponents off with your tag team finishing move by whipping them into your corner and hitting Y/ when the legal player has a finisher stored. Day of reckoning 1 and 2. How the hell you win a Submission match in 2k19 In one right now. gamespot.comgiantbomb.commetacritic.comfandom.comfanatical.com, Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Very similar controls but 2006 just slows things down a bit and hits it out of the park. Honestly, the DoR games, WM2000, No Mercy, HCTP, the SvR games (even though they'd change the controls sometimes) were all pretty good with their controls. 2023 Gfinity PLC. You can do this by either climbing up and over the cage, or by using the door. and our Which WWE games in your opinion had the best control scheme in your opinion? The Elimination Chamber is one of the best multi-man matches you can do, and it has a lot to offer players looking for some thrills and spills. Take a look at the Match Types page for a full list of ways to compete both in and out of the ring in WWE 2K20. Ive been so tired, more tired than Ive ever been in my life, she told the morning show. Don't fool yourself that the door is quicker though, it can still take an age to get out so incapacitating your opponent is still vital. Someone all in red is easier to use moves on than someone who is green. First you need to break the cell wall. 2K Showcase gives you 11 matches and several new interviews with Bryan to go through. I know this is necroing, but I have the same issue since 2K18. Which WWE games in your opinion had the best control scheme in your opinion? An alternate submission mechanic option is also available in WWE 2K19 . wwe 2k19 pc keyboard controls. We have listed all the controls for ladder matches, cage matches, Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble & Elimination Chamber to give you the edge on WWE 2K19. WWE 2K19 It is impossible to win a submission match in career mode. With game modes like 2K Towers, Showcase, and MyPlayer forcing you into some tricky situations it is vital thatyou know your way around the game controls. Unlockables:Extreme Rules 14 Attire (Daniel Bryan), Extreme Rules 14 Attire (Kane), Extreme Rules 14, Objective 1:Strike Sami Zayn while he is on the apron, Objective 2:Damage Kevin Owens in the ring, Damage Sami Zayn in the ring, Objective3: Perform Shane McMahon Combo signature move to Sami Zayn, Objective4: Perform Coast to Coast OMG to Sami Zayn and cover him for the pin, Objective 5:As Shane McMahon, standing strike a legal Sami Zayn in the ring, Objective 6:As Daniel Bryan, perform a diving attack from the top rope to a standing Sami Zayn in the ring, Objective 7:As Daniel Bryan, perform the Single Leg Knee Strike 3 (Knee +) to Sami Zayn, Objective 8:As Daniel Bryan, perform the Yes Lock to Sami Zayn and make him tap out. 10 Things We Noticed in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Video Feature, Resident Evil 4 Remake: The Mercenaries Mode - Leon S Rank Gameplay, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - Official Trailer 2 | Star Wars Celebration 2023, Moon Mystery - Official Kickstarter Trailer, Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellan Locations, Submission: Hold RT + Hold A/Hold R2 + Hold Cross, Leverage Pin: Hold RT + B/Hold R2 + Circle, Ground Limb Target: Hold RT + X/Hold R2 + Square, Alternate Signature/Finisher: Hold RT + X + A/Hold R2 + Square + Cross, Lift Into Carry: Hold RT + RS/Hold R2 + RS, Limb Target: Hold RT + LS + X/Hold R2 + LS + Square, Drag: Hold RT + Tap A/Hold R2 + Tap Cross, Drag Opponent: Hold RT + Tap A/Hold R2 + Tap Cross, Lean/Wedge Object In Corner: LS + A/LS + Cross, Alternate Attack: Hold RT + X/Hold R2 + Square, Throw Into/Out Of Ring: LS + Hold B/LS + Hold Circle, Carry Ladder Horizontally: Hold RT/Hold R2, Rotate Standing Ladder: Hold LB/L1 + RS Left/Right, Set Up Ladder Bridge (Near Apron): Hold RT + LB/Hold R2 + L1. This way, the online manual will always be there, quick and easy to get the answer you need, and it will never get worn, torn, or lost. WWE John Cena Universal GFX. I'm new to any and all 2K wrestling games, I know you have to wear down their health bar, but I reach the point where there is only 25% of their amber health bar left and I cannot wear it down and make the opponent submit. The tricky part of this match is making sure the right person is in the ring. The Royal Rumble is one of the best multi-person game modes available in WWE 2K19, and a must-win for any MyPlayer game type. For more information, please see our This match is a far easier proposition than the singles matches against Orton and Cena, and provides some nice commentary from Bryan on a tricky time for him in the ring. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. It's a much tougher match with the young Indie star Bryan Danielson, even if the commentary is against him once again. The likes of Daniel Bryan, Ronda Rousey, and Samoa Joe all have primary finishers that are submissions, meaning gaining a pinfall victory is tough, and if you can't wear down the appropriatebody part, then it will take multiple finishers to get the opponent in a position to tap. All Rights Reserved. Last October, Carmella revealed that she went through a devastating ectopic pregnancy. The first is to simply hit your opponent with it (X/). The end of this match is an interactive cut scene so don't put your controller down. However, the most fool-proof method is to store a finisher and then send them to the corner. Tag team matches are an excellent way to play with friends and involve more players in a match without confusing the action too much. Pay attention because the button to press will keep changing over the course of the submission attempt. Be ready to hit the button prompts as they come up so you can kick out of a pedigree, frustrate Triple H and then hit your finisher for the win. Heel Michael Cole is back on commentary though, which will be a frustration to anyone with ears. To make an A.I tap out is not easy,but I think the Superstar's Submission Atributes means something,I mean I made Booker T tap out at the Legend difficultyhe had a purple or white health.So,the Submission Atributes,the Superstar OVR,the difficulty if you play against A.I.,the health bar and the Stamina/Energy. RealSport101 is supported by its audience. Bringing Kane all the way through the backstage area to the parking lot can be frustrating, but you'll get him thereeventually. This was Daniel Bryan's final title defense before he had to take a lengthy leave of absence for injury. For more information, please see our Copyright 2010-2023 TheSmackDownHotel.com. Ive been great, I mean mentally. I even activated a trainer to test this, hit an AI with 5 finishers in a row, body part purple or grey and the AI still gets out easily with tap method. Objective 1: Perform a limb target attack from a standing grapple on Cena's arm Objective 2: Perform a grapple at the head of a grounded Cena in the ring Objective 3: Damage Cena in the ring. Pay attention because the key to press will keep changing over the course of the submission attempt . The default submission mini-game is a frustrating cat-and-mouse game of rotating a bar around a circle, but you can change it to the more enjoyable button-mashing battle as you try to submit your opponent. The more damage you . Its way overtuned even on easy. Hell In A Cell is a slight disappointment in 2K19 compared to previous years. Once out, press LB/L1 to start climbing. where is it under game balancing? Stamina gone and he still won't submit. Within the mini-game a circle with a small opening will spin. I can't even win with button mash and the other one is a garbage mechanic. Experience high stakes matches, talk smack to your opponents and shape your MyPLAYERs career path as you strategize your way to WWE glory. Unlockables:Daniel Bryan 13, Randy Orton 13, Raw 13, Objective1: Win a chain wrestling sequence against John Cena, Objective 2:Perform a limb target attack from a standing grapple to John Cena's legs, Objective 3:While outside the ring, Irish whip Cena into the ringside stairs, Objective 5:Perform a running strike in front of a standing Cena in the ring, Objective6: Perform a diving attack from the top rope on Cena while he stands in the ring, Objective 8:Perform a taunt in the ring while your opponent is grounded, Objective 9:Perform Kneeling Yes Kicks on Cena in the ring, Objective10: Perform a STF on Cena in the ring, Objective 11:Perform a Guillotine Choke on Cena in the ring, Objective12: Perform Flying Goat on a grounded Cena in the ring, Objective13: Perform a Yes Lock on Cena in the ring, Objective14: Perform a diving attack from the top rope on a grounded Cena in the ring, This match is a real war. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America), https://forums.2k.com/showthread.php?4363119-Button-mash-submissions-harder-this-year. This can of coursego awry, they call it a high-risk offense for a reason, but it's one of the most spectacular things you can do in WWE 2K19, and if you hit it correctly, it will allow ample time for you to get up the ladder and complete the mini-game required to win. Thanks to the odd finish of this match you don't need to gain the pinfall or submission yourself, just perform a few tag team moves and generallywork over Kofi and R-Truth. Unlockables: Night Of Champions 2010 Attire, The Miz 10, Night Of Champions 10, Objective 1:As Kane, damage Kofi Kingston in the ring, Objective2: As Kane, perform a strong standing strike in front of R-Truth in the ring, Objective3: As Daniel Bryan, damage R-Truth in the ring, Objective4: As Kane, perform a running strike on a standing R-Truth in the ring, Objective5: As Kane, damage R-Truth in the ring, Objective6: Perform a double team grapple in the corner to a front-facing R-Truth, Objective 7:As Daniel Bryan, cover R-Truth for the pin, Objective 8:As Kane, perform an upper submission to R-Truth, Objective 9:As Kane, tag in Daniel Bryan, Objective10: As Daniel Bryan, whip Kofi Kingston into the corner. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. SUBMISSIONS Rotate the Right Stick in a circular motion to move your slider around the submission mini-game. and our So Im very happy about that.. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I likely haven't done the proper damage then, I'm not getting other areas of the body hurt enough to make the submission easier, this helps explain my frustration then. Former teammates turned bitter enemies, it's time to take on the Demon Kane! The unofficial hub for discussion of the WWE2K series and any other pro wrestling game out there! Very good indeed. Required fields are marked *. through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. All WWE 2K19Controls for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows PC, including how to perform Finishers, Signatures, Reversals, OMG Moments, Irish whips, Attacks, Grapples and more! An original story voiced by WWE Superstars makes WWE 2K19 the best MyCAREER experience yet! It is impossible to win a submission match in career mode. SUBMISSIONS (ALT.) The health bar is really just there to show how resiliant they are to moves. To get a weapon simplyexit the ring and head to the side of it and press LB/L1. Maybe I'm just stupid, but am I the only one finding the A/B/X/Y Submission Mini Game next to impossible? However, with the in-ring return of Daniel Bryan in 2018 it seemed like an easy decision for 2K to bring the game mode back and chronicle the rise, fall, and return of WWE's most popular star. Again jist because you dont like it dont make it bad or broken. its really hard to make them tapout,its kills the joy to tapout opponent. However, the best thing is climbing around and jumping off things, as well as driving people through the pod doors. WWE 2K20 Standard Controls. Yeah you need to concentrate on a body part if you want to submit someone. You'll stop from time to time if you want to fight on the side, but tap LB/L1 again to climb all the way to the top. He and Triple H did battle in the opening match of WrestleMania XXX with the winner getting a place in the main event title match. An alternate submission mechanic option is also available in WWE 2K19. Unlockables: Randy Orton 14, Batista, Triple H (Manager), Objective 1:Damage Kane outside ofthe ring, Objective2: Perform a top rope corner grapple to a front facing Kane, Objective3: Attack Kane with a kendo stick 3 times, Objective 4:Irish whip Kane into a chair in the ring, Objective 5:Perform an OMG suicide dive onto Kane, Objective6:Pull apart the announcers table, Objective7: Irish whip Kane into the announcers table, Objective8: Attack Kane halfway up the entrance ramp with a kendo stick, Objective10: Perform a running strike on Kane backstage in the parking lot, Objective 11:Perform OMG Yes Lock on Kane, Objective12: Perform a corner finisher on Kane and pin him. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. All rights reserved. Carmella, whose real name is Leah Van Dale, announced on Monday that she and Corey Graves, a wrestler-turned-announcer for WWE whose real name is Matt . After two lengthy periods away from wrestling and an emotional retirement speech in his home state, Daniel Bryan makes his return to the ring to save McMahon and reignite his fans in the same building he lifted the WWE World Heavyweight Championship four years before. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Engage in the action through jaw-dropping graphics, heart-pounding excitement and thousands of new gameplay animations that enable you to experience WWE at a premium level. Your email address will not be published. I'm pretty ok with the wheel too so maybe it's because of the low stats, my overall was around 60 at the time. When you purchase The easiest ones to swing at an opponent are a chair and a bat, but you can do a few more spectacular things with ladders and tables. You can move the ball around the circle with the right stick, and then use RT/R2 to push it through. You start this match as Shane McMahon, after Daniel Bryan was viciously attacked outside the ring by Owens and Zayn before the match began. When grounded a reversal is a great way to re-establish yourself in the match, but be wary of leaving yourself with none when your opponent has a finisher available. An alternate submission mechanic option is also available in WWE 2K19. This game type can take sometime to run through, but it's a reallyfun way of understanding Bryan's journey through WWE to stardom and a great way to enjoy WWE 2K19's game play. Its not the Atari 2600. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective The wheel isnt dumb, it isnt broken, it isnt a bad mechanic. Ive been nauseous. There are a lot of cut scenes in this match, limiting the objectives, but it can take a while to get each one done so don't be too disheartened if you find yourself constantly throwing one guy out so you can work on the other. If selected, the attacker and defender must compete to rapidly press the displayed Down Arrow/Left Arrow/ Up Arrow/Right Arrow keys during submissions. Pay attention because the key to press will keep changing over the course of the submission attempt . An alternate submission mechanic option is also available in WWE 2K19 . To win a Royal Rumble you have to be able toeliminate opponents by getting them over the top rope and to the floor. Unlockables: Daniel Bryan 12, Kane 12, Kofi Kingston 12, R-Truth 12, Night Of Champions 12, Objective 1:Strike Randy Orton in the corner 3 times while he is stunned, Objective2: Damage Randy Orton outside the ring, Objective3: Irish whip Randy Orton into the barricade, Objective4: Damage Randy Orton in the ring, Objective5: Put Randy Orton through the table at ringside, Objective6: Hit Randy Orton with a kendo stick 10 times in the ring, Objective7: Damage Randy Orton in the ring, Objective8: Perform the Yes Lock on Randy Orton in the ring, Objective 9:Perform the OMG Yes Lock on Randy Orton in the ring and make him tap out. One Attitude Adjustment can put you away and with the incredible number of objectives you have to do, including performing three signature moves, it is reallyhard to get through everything without Cena having at least one crack at his finisher.