Justine Paradis: Oh, just I wanted to add this. WebBrides Coven Svg Witch Bachelorette Bride Squad Svg Witch Graphics Halloween Bachelorette Party Witch Wedding Witchy Stuff Witch Shop 5 out of 5 stars (89) $ 3.20. Is that going to scare you? But I honestly, I think a lot of people who practice witchcraft today might be uncomfortable a little bit with the way witches are still are still represented in movies and TV. Thank you very much for joining us for this part of the program. Patti LuPone is fired up about her Agatha: Coven of Chaos character. Peter Biello: This is The Exchange on NHPR. So it's that kind of explosion in popular culture of witchcraft and occultism, which you see in books. It's sort of a Christian definition. So they might identify with the craft. And that's that's that's part of it. There are also mugs, keyrings, Harry Potter and New Forest souvenirs to browse as well. If people ask and they asked point blank, I mean, I sort of tell them and say, you know, these are the systems that I've worked with and these are the things that work for me. The brooms helped mark the stall as well. Part 3: The Road to Witch City, a look at the commercialization of witchcraft, This year we are focusing on some of the incredible pop-culture witches created and portrayed by black artists over the past 50 years. Historians have noticed that there's a pattern of accusations against women who were might have some property by people who might have the ability to either buy or sort of take the property from them. Yeah. Nine Roses is active in the pagan community locally & at large. Lady Morgaine and Melechai, TRADITION OR SPIRITUAL PATH: Gardnerian Witchcraft. So I sort of always done like a little banishing ritual with all of my performers. Our Constitution then addresses at least. Sound: The people started throwing more accusations towards her. WebHow many witches are in a coven Covens vary greatly in terms of size, from just a handful of people to dozens or even hundreds of members . So they were essentially saying, don't waste our time. So chaos magic is is traditionally, you know, there are groups for it. So Jane Wolfert is accused by her neighbors of witchcraft and she's countersues. So I'm I always tell people, you know, at at first blush that I'm pagan and I fall earth based spirituality. If you have any questions about our tradition, please feel free to contact at 603-560-2592 or email, 2023 Mandragora Magika Creations. It's the University of Virginia maintains that the transcriptions of the Salem witch trials. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Peter Biello: Wow. Support the Public Media you love! So that's the Halloween costume, right? The Riverdale spin-off is way darker than you may have expected from the mind that brought you Jughead Joness Im a weirdo speech. That's The Wizard of Oz. But if you look at the Salem records, most of those most the people actually who were executed during the Salem witch trials were regular churchgoers. And it's basically a way to to kind of find a voice. We'll sit down with Laura Knoy and Casey McDermott before a live audience as part of our New Hampshire Primary 2020 candidate forums. There's there's waves of increased interest in the occult over our history. Peter Biello: And there was another woman that you described in the podcast. There's kind of a lot of diversity, though, in the witches that were accused both in New Hampshire and in the rest of New England in the 17th century. This is what NHPR's Second Greatest Show on Earth explored in a partnership with New Hampshire Humanities. And there's other cases where women are accused and their husband sues on their behalf. And I hesitate to say Salem witch trials because they were happening all over New England in New Hampshire as well.I want to play a little bit from the program where Eunice Cole's sort of, I guess, rap sheet, was described in detail. Justine Paradis: But over the long history in Europe. Raising some energy just to kind of bring my energy up for the day with chaos, magic. Complicated. I try to keep a lot of liminal space, my magical practices, as opposed to going and using something that I guess they would say I use over and over again. Magic is sort of it's sort of a self-guided system. Her character is part of a coven led by Kathryn Hahns titular witch, who first appeared in 2021s WandaVision. But it didn't really have anything to do with witchcraft, unfortunately. So before we get any further on the discussion of witches in witchcraft, I'd like to do just a quick terminology. Yeah. There's often religious disagreements. So the blurriness is a conversation now. Before 29 I hadnt even heard of a Saturn Return as a concept. Tricia Peone: So the occult is really it's just Latin for hidden. This included a large wooden head representing Atho, the Horned God of Witchcraft. But for myself, I've found that I don't know, my spirituality is so personal. You know, I always when people ask a question, they always have such a hard time with it, because I know as soon as I say what I think I am, immediately someone's going to have their perception of what I'm trying to say. Tricia Peone: So I posted a list, a reading list of sources to accompany our first episode and we can send you the link for that. Patti LuPone is fired up about her Agatha: Coven of Chaos character. Joining me in the studio today are two people working on this project, Justine Paradis., producer and reporter for second greatest a show on Earth, which is producing real witches of New Hampshire. Tricia Peone: Men can absolutely be witches, too. So it kind of depends on on your interpretation. And then his cattle become sick. So already they're kind of starting off with with some liability. But overall, how many people were executed as a result of the witch trials? There were executions. Right. And sometimes it's sort of a given that, you know, I'm sort of this weird, magical figure here in Portsmouth, but I don't. The Cult of Horror in which you were performing in your alter ego, drag queen Bunny Wonderland, which is an amazing show. But I don't think that you need to shift the metaphor for how well witches represent. Michael continues I've read stories of which is providing healing services to communities while living as outsiders. I perform Petula Clark's "Downtown" and I we hand out napkins to the entire audience and I have them, you know, put all of their nastiness that they've had throughout the week, the day, the hour, the month, the minute, whatever it might be. Peter Biello: So that's the comment from Pamela in Marlborough. So if you were, if you wanted to find out that someone was a witch, you probably could. I'm not. You didn't have the right to confront your accusers. We are open to new students who are seeking initiation with sincerity and looking for a true connection to the Gods of Witchcraft. She was blamed for some local deaths. And when you read through these records, records of witch trials, you often see that there has been decades of sentiment kind of brewing against someone. Was that right? WebLooking for Southern New Hampshire coven If any experienced witches have been considering starting one in the area, I would certainly be interested! If you have any questions about our tradition, please feel free to contact at 603-560-2592 or email cmcphail69@gmail.com, 2023 Mandragora Magika Creations. I also being a drag queen for 15 years. And when did this period end? Tricia Peone: Yeah, that kind of tricky part there. And most often, as Tricia told me, it was cats. We are now in a in a kind of another revival. You know, no matter - I didn't think going to a drag show would, you know, change my life. TRADITION OR SPIRITUAL PATH: Eclectic Pagans, and is also open to people of all faiths of good intent. Tricia Peone: Well, they had different levels of church membership in the 17th century, but it was it actually would have been illegal for you to not go to church in Puritan Massachusetts. You know, not not a good look in the sixteen hundreds either. And it may or may not be right. It's using whatever you draw inspiration from. Peter Biello: Let's talk a little bit about more recent history involving witchcraft starting in the 1970s. Peter Biello: And also, you mentioned in the podcast Cats. And they end up, they pass through Exeter, and they end up in Hampton. WebWe identify as Wiccan but also incorporate traditions from other spiritual paths. Tricia or Justine? So it's partly that the fact that she's disagreeable, but then it kind of goes to another level when there's a sickness, an unexpected illness, cattle or livestock become sick. Peter Biello: Ok. And so so, Nate, I wanted to ask you, when when it comes up in a group of people who who may not know anything about this, how does that conversation go? I'm Peter Biello in for Laura Knoy. Her character is part of a coven led by Kathryn Hahns titular witch, who first appeared in 2021s WandaVision. Drawn from personal teachings passed on through families, individual teachers, rare magical texts written by 'cunning folk' and Witches from the pre-industrial era, as well as certain Hermetic disciplines, we work with a system of practical magical techniques long known as "The Willow Path". Broadway legend Patti LuPone plays the witch Lili Calderu on Disney+ show 'Agatha: Coven of Chaos' but she still doesn't know much about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot of influential people cited Crowley as an influence. We practice our own form of Norse paganism. And my interpretation of, you know, what success is within, you know, within the magical realm is going to be very different than somebody else's interpretation of what successes. With respect and responsibility to the Earth Mother, and as always harming none. Justine Paradis: Yeah. WebOur October 2022 parade brought together 482 witches from around the US and Canada (they flew in from California, Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Canada). We are a traditional thirteen member coven but welcome interested visitors to open rituals. Just because you're a witch doesn't mean that your Wiccan. Or maybe it's not a question, but a comment, she said, which is, as we think of them, may have started out as women who were brewsters Brewsters, female Brewer's. Right. Children of the Flame is the Shirley Coven's Outer Court Training group, also known as a Pagan Group, of the Gardnerian Tradition of British Traditional Witchcraft, tracing through the Olwen Line. Find a reading list for the series here. Before 29 I hadnt even heard of a Saturn Return as a concept. It could be hidden knowledge. Tricia Peone: She had a little bit more standing in the community. The Forest Path Coven is run democratically, everyone has a voice and a vote. I tend to explain a little bit more. We meet in Shirley, MA about 40 minutes west of Boston and 20 minutes south of NH. So this is also something that. They may not necessarily work for you. What happened there, Justine? But people at the time may have understood it differently. So I think that there are public elements to a practice and their private elements. They're always different. We're speaking today about witchcraft, what it is, who practices it. Well, I I see that they're trying to make the comparison between the way that certain groups are scapegoated for society's troubles. There's so many people who went off to war and passed away. Tricia? And one thing, when we asked him this question, what our witch trials about, he said, you know, you like Tricia said, there's any number of conditions. The Civil War and World War One, for instance, people are interested in speaking with the dead. Right. So that is pretty significant. Justine Paradis: And so someone might - You might know that someone's a witch in your community for many, many years. If you are interested in our programs, or would like to volunteer, donate. She's been widowed by this point. The you of the holds are off. Eunice is charged with slander in 16 45. Sound: But when people really start to think about like what is a witch, it's not as clear cut as they think. Peter Biello: We've got a question from Pamela in Marlborough who wrote in. Tricia Peone: Yeah, absolutely. I go to church all the time. He created his own system of magic. Let the energy that I raise during that performance. WebThe goat is surrounded by a group of young and old hags. And turning to witchcraft seemed to some people to be a kind of a good way to to take that power back. So, you know, she's going out into the woods and worshipping the devil. And that mostly comes out of well, for one thing, the fact that laws change. This is The Exchange. What are some common misconceptions? Tricia Peone: She's not the only person who ever does it. And when we look back on that today, we would say, oh, we'd lump that all together as kind of magic or witchcraft. WebBrowse Online Covens Chat and perform rituals with Witches all around the world from the comfort of your home! So be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. But most of them were older women. Welcome to the world of Raymond Howard and the mysteries of the Coven of Atho (NRO, MC 2817/1). And that's something that again, at the Salem Witch Museum. We meet in Shirley, MA about 40 minutes west of Boston and 20 minutes south of NH. TRADITION OR SPIRITUAL PATH: Traditional Gardnerian. You want to speak kind of really reductive way, can can lead to can lead to some problems. Gatherings may take place in either town. What does it mean to identify as a witch? Bring your questions, your interest, and an open mind. So that's a good place to start. She was accused of witchcraft. Mm hmm. You didn't have you were not innocent until proven guilty. It could have just been for economic reasons that they that they arrived in New England. Peter Biello: So the historical witch, which we hear about in the sixteen hundreds, the one that was prosecuted, those two that you just mentioned, we read about them in stories like The Crucible, Tricia, who is the sort of archetype, the model of the witch in the sixteen hundreds that was a target of these original witch hunts.