o Up to 15 grams of cannabis flower. 1. Unless YOU are going to give them YOUR MONEY. The black market cant compete with legal, tested, branded weed from stores. However, one totally non-patchwork issue is that to purchase cannabis - whether recreational or medical - you'll need a current and valid ID. First, Ive never said the statement to which you refer. Would you buy black market food or gasoline from your local dealer if it was slightly cheaper? I dont smoke pot and probably never will, but this is just another reason not to ever, ever register your guns. . Illinois, for example, has different requirements for in-state and out-of-state residents. Whether they might share it for marketing purposes is less certain, though I've never gotten cannabis-related junk mail, only emails from the dispensary itself if I shared email (for example with a delivery service). It shows that the reasoning behind them is two fold. Was told by friend. What will the ATF do with respect to disqualified purchasers and possessors (ie: question 11.e. Not only does ID scanning ensure compliance with state regulations, it also streamlines the customer experience while keeping the premises secure. You do know that those pot taxe laws were all written by california Libertarians Liberals and Leftists correct? You are indoctrinated at a very young age to believe in magic, your parents, friends, extended family, neighbors, etc. . dont delude yourself. Have a buddy buy it for you. Then theres the case of the guy who got SWATted because he and his son were growing tomatoes in the basement and the cops had staked out the hydroponics stores parking lot. Cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd told VICE theres reason to be concerned about potential privacy breaches. Denver's independent source of Why do these idiot politicians keep getting reelected? reached $1.38 billion, doubling the total from 2020. Now I will tell you the answer to my question. This is how a drug user gets shot when he is bothering someone. The WoD is one of the biggest threats to the 2A. These businesses are highly regulated and must adhere to strict guidelines to operate legally. can sync customer data to a purchase profile, where the amount of cannabis product purchased is tracked. I can save 40% by taking a short drive to Idaho. AND theyre violent as he!! 2003 - 2023 IDScan.net. Especially the current Socialist Liberal Democratic party can be found in i984. You can even capture images from the ID, or a picture of the ID itself, creating a richer, searchable customer profile. Lawmakers wrote portions of the cannabis law to protect consumers' privacy. It is this. found my first discard: an empty jar, cold cream size, of wedding cake bud on the parkway. all believe in magic as well as this goes back many generations, to a time where you were FORCED to believe this magic, or you would die a very painful death instead. Reply. Neither believe in rights at all. One of the most important aspects of their operations is verifying the age and identity of their customers. Mushroom Legalization Bill Clears House Committees, Approval on Horizon, Fort Collins-Based Verts Dispensary Jumps Into New Marijuana Markets, State-Mandated Report on Potent THC Products Provides Few Answers. Possession of personal amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in Illinois for all practical purposes, now that you can legally buy it from state-licensed dispensaries. You can put up whatever signs youd like and I would argue its your 1A right to do even if theyre offensive to someones sensibilities. Buy your legal weed and eventually youll have the State Police knocking on your door to confiscate your firearms, ammunition, etc. told my kids the same. Slick, huh? I cant see either party as pro liberty. The scanner will capture the customer's name, date of birth, and other relevant information. With our dispensary ID scanning solutions, every ID scan is instantly sent into the visitor management system or POS system. All those ads we used to read in the back pages of the Ocweekly are long gone. Theyre undesirable to be sure and theres nothing wrong with detaining them if you are able. They may ask if you would like to create a profile, and that means your information will be stored for future purchases. As in other states, Illinois dispensaries scan your government-issued ID to confirm your ID is valid and up-to-date. OhI just encountered two ladies sitting at a table outside my local grocery store, with a banner that read Recall Newsom!. As the cannabis industry explodes, so do concerns about keeping marijuana out of the hands of minors. But security experts warn that having your ID scanned through those magnetic strip readers could be putting you at risk for identity theft. Step 2: Provide your ID. Also, Im all for ENDING the ENTIRE war on drugs, aka, war on American civil liberties and rights. Lloyd noted medical cannabis patients who have no choice but to use a mail order system are particularly susceptible to data breaches, including medical records. There are many misconceptions about why weed dispensaries scan customer IDs. Should diagnosed or admitted alcoholics have their guns confiscated? Not just the 2nd A but in many cases. Drugs in public scares some people so its a great way to carry an anti-freedom message. 35 years back when I smoked, at no time did I ever pull the lever for a scummy Democrat . The validity of the ID and the age verification takes the human error out of it.. ID scanners ensure that dispensaries stay compliant, preventing underage individuals from buying marijuana. As long as I can shoot drug users of any type dead who caused problems I have no issues with them having guns. I dont really know what it costs to get marijuana the old way (never really used it) but the states system is taxed and regulated to death; the legal stuff is *expensive*. Personal Responsibility is often forgotten by those people advocate for drug legalization. Go ahead and buy your weed from the State of Illinois. The number of cannabis dispensaries in the United States is 7,490. and growing. I thought you couldnt use deadly force to protect private property pot farms??? Illinois, for example, has different requirements for in-state and out-of-state residents. All rights reserved. They do this by checking your ID twice. Just sell any firearms which were not tragically lost in that boating accident, prior to tokin a doobie! The dispensary staff will then verify that the information on the ID matches the information provided by the customer. I think most scan ID as a holdover from the medical-only era and as a way of tracking customer loyalty. . Why do I have to keep showing my ID? 2003 - 2023 IDScan.net. The most common explanations we've heard from dispensaries is that they hold on to IDs to verify that they're real and to ensure that no one goes over their daily ounce limit but I've also. It was never about freedom. They offer a wide range of products, including different strains of marijuana, edibles, concentrates, and CBD products. Dispensaries in Santa Clara County at least are required to scan ID by regulation. There just isnt. The rank hypocrisy of being a Leftist Make drugs legal for everyone, except gun owners. Hey just curious to why rec dispensaries scan IDs. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/panama-city-looter-shot-and-killed-while-trying-to-steal-a-police-car/. In 2021, sales reached $1.38 billion, doubling the total from 2020. But to play judge, jury and executioner by yourself when they have threatened no one in the immediate is unacceptable behavior. I promptly walked over, introduced myself, signed the petition form, and told them I appreciated their efforts. The penalties for selling cannabis to a minor even once are steep. Marijuana is one of the most popular and widely used substances in the world. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. if you say yes your purchase is denied and cannot complete the gun transfer. However, purchasing with cash is obviously not a possibility when ordering weed online. By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. thanks, john. Which began with PC Culture and has now morphed into saying anything they dont agree with. This is the Illinois State Police here to collect your FOID Card and any firearms you have in your possession. Uh, well theres no moral or philosophical underpinning for the idea of killing a thief. There just isnt. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/06/staff-writer/16-year-old-burglar-keeps-yelling-im-so-high-after-being-shot/. Instead, the individual who presented the fraudulent ID would be subject to a misdemeanor. It is required by their Cannabis Control Boards. So they have to break the law to pay for their habit correct? Do not worry. The object of persecution is persecution. Firsthand knowledge ChiPD knows or has access to the information as to who legally bought what, where and when. The Hunny Pot on Torontos Queen Street West told VICE it is scanning IDs to alleviate wait times, but that it is optional and customers are made aware that they can have their ID verified manually. Im so High! They will vote against any pro gun person with a record of progun votes, but who is against legalization, just to get legal pot first., Sorry, Chris. However, decriminalization only complicates the issue surrounding guns when it comes to federal firearm licensees like us. This is certainly not clear cut though. Remember Leftists *love* to play the long game. The degree to which you are off the wall on this is laughable. The following fields can be pulled from an ID directly into your cannabis POS system: According to Colorados Medical Code for dispensaries, those not licensed to be in certain areas of a dispensary are required to wear a badge, which then must be submitted to the state. Use of an ID scanner also enhances customer experience by reducing wait times. You can purchase 'anonymously' if you go in person where your purchase won't be linked to a profile but they will still need to scan your ID to let you in. when your FOID card expires and you try to renew it.. As such, retail stores across the country are being careful about verifying customers ages, and in some cases scanning identification cards to validate them. Though Illinois requires that PII be deleted after scanning, because the primary function of scanning is fraud detection, information obtained from scanning can be used to approve credit applications, check acceptance, and refunds. We are not like that. i wonder if theyll name one brain eraser. Read a story a couple of days ago. I find it interesting that liberal politicians are surrendering on the War on Drugs. Priorities my man, priorities. Hes no good, but I need to retract my statement. The system can then query this information if the customer returns, and alert the budtender if the customer is at or approaching their daily maximum. Were paying the most to keep that data safe. He said the company has never had any privacy breaches. The scanner immediately recognizes if you are using a fake ID or not, thus making things move a little quicker and avoiding human error. ID scanning solutions can be paired with a simple badge printer to print badges with appropriate information after an ID is scanned. Scanning IDs at the point-of-entry reduces wait times by automating check-in procedures and automatically aggregating customer information into forms. Consequently, the department will not approve a background check. So long as they dont harm other people theres no actual issue here. your money, your time, and your freedom to behave peacefully. Drug Use At BART Stations Happening Even In The Burbs. It turned out to be sugar flakes from a Krispy Kreme glazed donut the guy had been eating. Now, i am going to take a shot at many of you, this is why im using this username and not my normal one: (like it really matters, thats just me i guess). You already proved youre a drug user when you bought your legal weed so your check comes back denied and you dont get to buy that gun. Fact. Join the Westword community and help support So, Im trying to find info for a friend on if a person had/has a medical mj card, how long does he need to wait until he can say that hes not a user or gets denied because he has/had a medical card? Studies have shown that for bars and nightclubs, the mere presence of an ID scanner can reduce crime up to 54%. Contact us at hello@idscan.net for assistance selecting the right solution for your business. pretty soon theyll be littered all over the place. Therefore, dispensaries have an incentive to detect fake IDs. Marijuana, also known weed, and many other names, is a mixture of dried flowers of the cannabis plant. One of the most important of these requirements is to verify the age and identity of their customers. The scanning of IDs is a crucial part of the verification process and is done to protect both the dispensary and the customer. The real kicker here is that there's no law mandating that Colorado dispensaries scan IDs (although some cities, such as Aurora, require it) or use any other sort of machine confirmation, for . Now you begin to understand me. As of 2022, 38 states have legalized medical marijuana, and 19 states have legalized recreational marijuana. Illinois has one of the most stringent PII retention requirements in the nation and requires that PII immediately be flushed post scan. Private sales must b e conducted through an FFL. Im so High! You are a known drug user. M arijuana dispensaries are a wonderful thing. Fd UP is what it is! local news and culture. btw to Chris Mallory Now taking up a war of Civil Rights. If you say no you run the risk of sometime in the future having perjured yourself. Wow, Mr I want to have sex with a dinosaur is back! Makes for an interesting phone call. It's a basic rule of thumb that the ID has to be current, and show your birthdate and photo. Prior to legalization, some black market dispensaries also scanned customers IDs or stored their information. Use of an ID scanner also enhances customer experience by reducing wait times. But they have never been pro-second Amendment or pro Liberty. They don't share that data and store it encrypted. It is all about your comfort level with the establishment. With 185 new recreational dispensary licenses recently approved, sales will likely continue to grow for Illinois cannabis dispensaries. In the US particularly, they said look, this is a minimum wage job, these guys arent paying that much attention, Cohen told VICE. Ill cut out all the logic and real-world shit and go straight to pure philosophy on this. I could say the same about all of you who believe in magical fairy tales that are the equivalent of santa claus stopping at ~1 billion houses in a 24 hour period by flying around in his magical flying sleigh, that must be able to move at a significant fraction of the speed of light, powered by magical flying reindeer, with millions of tons of cheap chinese toys stuffed into a physics-defying ~80lb bag slung over his shoulder. The scanner immediately recognizes if you are using a fake ID or not, thus making things move a little quicker and avoiding human error. racist ass town with a history of community hospital for minorities and property deeds that (still, if long time owner) state no coloreds tryin to shed some guilt. However, the LP said it was not aware of any data breaches. and last updated 3:36 AM, Feb 05, 2019. NOTE: while marijuana retailers must scan an ID to prove age, there is currently no reporting of that information to the Illinois State Police or federal Department of Justice. Quite frankly, Im more concerned with the sanctity of my 2nd amendment rights than of getting high. There are 110 dispensaries across the state of Illinois. Thanks but no thanks! They want the voting age dropped to 16, but the age to buy a gun be a minimum of 21 (for now, until they make it 25). It also show a back handed attempt to make a product legal and then use it as a tool to further weaken a Constitutionally protected Right. along their idea of with social justice and criminal justice reform.. But cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd told VICE theres reason to be concerned about potential privacy breaches. below)? Since cannabis retailers are also top targets for criminals, a dispensary that scans IDs and has ID scanning technology at the entrance is going to be a much less attractive target, as the potential thief or fraudster knows they will have to present identity documentation to get inside. Warning: The use or possession ofmarijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.. But thats okay: theyll just just the instant check information to compile a list from the dealers who made those call-ins for those gun owners whom they want a list. Dispensaries will scan IDs, as other weed-legal states do, to ensure they're legitimate, but they're not allowed to keep records of who goes to the shop and how often. Not all recreational dispensaries scan your personal information. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Those people will be very sober when the balloon goes up. Do they scan your ID at dispensaries in Illinois? You have entered an incorrect email address! An intoxicated person with a firearm has often been shot dead by the police when frightened people have called for help. About the high taxes (30%) being imposed on marijuana purchases in Illinois. Someone will use that position when arrested for MJ and guns relationship.. Do straw purchaseers of MJ carry same penalty as for guns? Yep. Ever been so busy you had a line out the door? As for storing customers information, the software, Cova, can do that if a customer chooses to create a profile at the store, said The Hunny Pot spokesman Cameron Brown in an email. A War on the 1st A. And for anyone who has lived in a prohibition state, visiting one for the first time can be an excitingly surreal experience. Dispensaries can accept many, but not all, forms of identification. For years, it has been a source of controversy, with many people arguing that it should be illegal, while others believe that it should be legalized. In order to visit Colorado's cannabis dispensaries and make a purchase, you must be at least 21 years old and show a valid ID. With over half of the United States allowing some form of legalized . So when it comes to the dispensaries, they are very strict about verified identifications. Especially if theres a legal away to avoid doing so. Question is what kind of risk is there when someone scans ID. Be_Real_Internet_ 2 yr. ago It's just a scan to make sure the i.d is valid if I had to guess. Even . Most Cannabis Control Boards are regularly secret shopping the licensed dispensaries in their state to ensure theyre checking IDs and keeping minors out. Pot smokers have never, ever been pro gun. But they have never supported the 1st amendment. The rules don't change for medical patients, who will still need to bring their program registry ID card. I buy a lot of guns. Im so High! I dont disagree with you. The reason behind scanning your ID is so no that one can use a fake ID. I was told to get the medical card to purchase pot 2 years ago by my doctor. There is no record of the names of purchasers in California except as could be gleaned (via a search warrant or subpoena) from bank records, and even that is not enough to prove the use or possession of an illegal substance, since you could be buying for someone else. Furthermore, the law enacted last year requires that dispensaries destroy all customer personal information within thirty days of any purchase. yeah, just ask the guys who were stopped outside a dispensary in CA and told theyd need to surrender their firearms to not get charged. Easy peasy. I always thought it was a dumb and stupid thing to say that you or anyone dreams of a day when gay married couples could use machine guns to protect their legal pot farms.. Just be ready to give up your guns. WoD is the War on Drugs. Most times, when you walk in, you are asked to show your ID just like at a bar or a liquor /beer store. So the State of CA openly encourages marijuana because its a new tax revenue stream. And note that I said their own bodies. It makes perfect sense, from their perspective If SCOTUS forces them to allow you have and carry guns, they will expend every effort to make as many people officially prohibited persons. Although it isnt glamorous, age verification and fake ID detection has become a central part of the dispensary tech stack. That [emailprotected] in Springfield already has people working on it. A local Quad cities gentlemen was complaining to the local news station. fyi (When I was in school there were studies linking it to lung &/or laryngeal cancer, but those studies soon disappeared). Information parsed from an ID may not be retained unless the individual gives express permission for use. That worker at game masters in Quincy Illinois said they had a firearm purchase fail due to purchase of marijuana. Any items that remain unregistered are not under Governor Hair Gels microscope. This is also a good time to mention that you can only purchase for yourself. Data and images capture. Emotion, is my best guess. All of those doctors and cards and forms are no more, just walk in and pay cash, make small talk then leave. btw Can you say Big Brother surveillance state, kids? How ID Scanning Works. Sadly atheists support flag burning and porn. However when you say As I said before as long as we can shoot drug users dead when they rob, rape, beak into our homes and businesses that is a great freedom to celebrate., well you already have the right to use lethal force in cases where the person presents a clear and credible threat of causing death or great bodily harm so all of these instances are already covered regardless of if the person is a drug user or not. There are a lot of otherwise intelligent individuals who believe that they and they alone should get to decide what *you* may or may not do, from paying taxes to owning firearms, to controlling your own reproductive system. Howabout dont do drugs, keep yer guns. https://reason.com/2019/12/20/a-15-year-sentence-for-burning-a-stolen-gay-pride-flag-is-not-justice/. If everything checks out, the customer will be allowed to make a purchase. In November, Ontario Cannabis Store, the provinces online recreational retailer, said the data of 4,500 customersincluding the names of people who signed for deliverieswas accessed during a breach via Canada Post. One of the federal government's key stated objectives in legalizing weed has been to keep it out of the hands of children. Marketing is part of why dispensaries track customer purchases. In an interview with VICE, Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova, said his companys software has been implemented in more than 100 legal weed shops across Canada and that most of those shops are using the ID scanning technology. The ISP later expanded further on what they meant by certain provisions in another Facebook post stating . Hey Chris in KY, why dont you come up to Alaska and ill show you some people that are VERY pro 2nd amendment and VERY pro-cannabis. When you walk in to buy your weed your ID is scanned into the system and this is where theyve got you. My card expired in May and I did not have it renewed. ( if you are lying. SoBecerra has publicly announced his joyful glee at being able to use our states gun registration database to confiscate guns from peaceful gun owners who have recently acquired a state medical marijuana card or have been found to be purchasing cannabis under their names.