He used to go visit with Norman during the strike. Please received our heartfelt condolences. Even though they know whats best for Harlan, we dont really like them. I knew the Clarks well. It has to be kind of tough to get there or at the very least its just on the way to somewhere else. They were both sweet, kind, honest, decent people. I told him apparently his computer didt speak Hillbilly.I am proud of my head of the holler rasin. Im sorry my great-grandchildren dont have such memories. Norman was good to my dad, especially during my dads troubles with alcohol yet another commonality of that age. Im from a family of 12, but no inbreds here, but I do know cousins who married. No complaining here though. What happened to Basil Collins in the end? It has been both fascinating and sad as well to learn so much about the history, struggles, strength and resilience of the Harlan countians. I respect ALL coal miners. Restoring any closed widgets or categories. He tell the difference between bills by touch. There arent any hotels to speak of, really. I think we also went to RC Bottling Plant at Loyall. A bazillion of cousins to play with..mountains to explore..farm animals to learn about, a total difference than city life on a quiet street just across from Fort McPherson Army Base. The sinister way he talked. While not as corrupt as his predecessor Boyle, he seems on his way down that pathor not. I still have family in Cawood and Baxter but I dont get up there much.. Jennifer, I moved to the Tampa Bay area when I was four and a half. This is where Norma lives, was the reply. I loved living in Ages,Ky for the 2 years I was there!! Earlier strikes had resulted in a great deal of bloodshed on both sides. The folks in Brookside were surely Harlan Countians as was the chief gun thug, Basil Collins. You shouldve had to breath half a can of hairspray in the morning after he got out of the bathroom. Only if were talking to another Harlan Countian would we narrow the description to the town. I feel blessed to have grown up in Harlan, at a time when people actually cared about each other, and would not trade it for anything!! Edit. Thanks for letting me rant. Hi Julie, Yes I know your mother. Thanks for the reads I have read most of your blogs. I first saw the light of day in Oneida, tn because that was the closest hospital & the road l.P. looPwas better Proud to be from Harlan County.. man now im so homesick!! Ruth Ann was my older brothers age. So translation you perhaps do not have no prospect of progress which would mean you do have prospect of progress.. you are right few have paid you such complements. Moved to Indiana at about 15 or 16 years of age. I am sure he is talking about when he grew up and how times were then I am from Harlan live here now .I loved the article and havent read anything disrespectful . A convenient store replaced the gas station and stores. Women took over the picket lines. Janice and I were both switchboard operators and admissions clerk. You can see it in Google Street Views here: https://goo.gl/maps/QoyKa, Hey my cousin owned the fuzzy duck my papa had a poker house there and boot legged beer iwas raised in the first house coming down black mountain love it go back all the time, Right before you get to lynch golf course coming down black mtn there was a house to the right my great great grand pa had a saw mill there and built the house where my great grand pa lived then my mama got it love it there if I ever hit the lottery ill be back to live and put alot of people to work I love the mtns go there every christmas and summers thanks for the memories cool blog sorry for the grammer lol periods commas all the same to me it. Moved to Lynch in the summer of 1969. He lived there with his wife my Aunt Hazel and their children Laura Jean, Stanley and Mickey. My Mom was a nurse at the hospital there (where I was born in 66). Harlan County once earned the moniker Bloody Harlan for the union wars that broke out in the 1930s. As workers fought for better pay and safer working conditions, coal companies colluded with local law enforcement to break down the strikers. He had a taxi service called Do me right He was found on the side of the mountain with many bullets in him and his taxi. I grew up in Sunshine, graduated from Harlan High School in 1972 and after going to Southeast and U.K., headed to California. I know exactly where you were driving. I have always been proud of being from Cawood in Harlan County. Murdered while running against Boyle. The Chappells Dairy Slogan: It may be good and not be ours, but it cant be ours and not be good. We also had to carry our water from a water-pump in buckets, so the new bathroom was a good conversation subject with its only use was the bathtub that we would heat water to bathe in. Fantastic post, though. I am Wayne Middletons daughter. I didnt like a lot of your article, some of it is accurate. They tease me that my accent changes when I cross the county line going back home :-). my growing up years were behind the old telephone company next to Robinette Chevrolet which was across from the old Macks Supper Market and down the street from Hackneys. You went up 119 to the Loyall turnoff, and youre absolutely right: Any Harlan Countian who turns the corner at Pineville changes languages! Dont say we are not eastern Kentuckians because we dont speak your slang, or live the life that people from harlin county do. I was born and raised in Liggett. And the tell me they can always tell when Im talking to a relative on the phone for the same reason. I wanted more for my kids and wife. Tons of great memories and good friends. And hell, I was taken at knife-point down into the creek at Hall when I was in 6th grade. Dad used have him mow for us sometimes. My Mom moved to Cumberland from Pike County when she was 10. Hi aurea, Ive helped ur grand paw make many many gallons of moonshine just over the hill from ur mom n dads house. Myself, Im from Loyall which is three miles from the town of Harlan. I have enjoyed these old memories!!! It tends to work to my advantage. My life is very much divided into two partsbefore and after Harlan. WebBooks About Harlan County Kentucky Books I purchased and own. I wouldnt trade my life for anyone else. Good stuff, John. But I have lived in Harlan Co. since 1986 & now I couldnt imagine living any where else. So if you have a iota of respect for you mom and dad, grandma and grandpa you will correct this mess and actually write something that isnt from fifty years ago. I pass by there to go to my mothers home, it is amazing to see in Harlan Co. It is classified as a moist countya county in which alcohol sales are prohibited (a dry county), but containing a "wet" city, in this case Cumberland, where package alcohol sales are allowed.In the city of Harlan, Thank you so much for sharing. IM RETIRED AND LIVE IN TN NOW BUT I GO BACK TO HARLAN ONCE OR TWICE A MONTH. I have more memories of the younger Brittons that are closer to my age. 62 (10) 1 Playing statistics correct to the end of 1921. Pingback: My Life in Harlan County | Williams Kilpatrick, PLLC. I know it well. Look at my blog post Adventures in Hitchhiking, and youll see a story about JImmy picking me up hitchhiking one night. She stayed there for a few months but felt things just werent the same so she moved back to Newport News where she had made some good friends. Hollywood Bledsoe from the mouth of Cloverlick in HC, once wrote a song about Government Cheese. Also attended and graduated from Loyall High, where I was cheerleader and fairly popular. We once had a train full of nerve gas pass through Loyall. I enjoyed your blog ..I too left Harlan to find work ..I recently got turned down for a job doing private duty nurses aide for a new client because I was from Harlan ..The job interview started out very well until she ask where I was from I had an accent 24 years later I still have that accent I think she was worried I was packing a gun..to funny ..love my Harlan county roots ..from Wallins.. ..Oh yeah agree with everyone loved that Gov, cheese. I was even sent back to Atlanta to attend Agnus Scott College, and didnt stay because I actually missed my family AND Harlan County. The late Norman Smith was a classmate of mine at JACHS. My grandad lived and mined Stone Ky, in Pike County. My parents (James Depew & Thelma Randolph) grew up in Harlan in the late 20s-30s My Grandfather was Bill Randolph, one time police chief, Constable and apparently gun thug for the man. loved her. Holmes mill was actually named after my family. Spent many an evening in Tiny Joes!!!!!!! Really enjoyed the article. Its nice to read good thoughts of Harlan County. The Chappells Dairy Slogan: It may be good and not be ours, but it cant be ours and not be good. That I can remember but I cant find my car in the parking lot? Enjoyed reading your blog. I knew your father-in-law, and mother-in-law. Mikes Drive In was in Loyall. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WallinsCreekers/. I wonder if youre related to Clarence Leonard who lived near Evarts. Pat your name seems familiar. WebLearn about Basil Collins: his birthday, age, zodiac sign, his family, and more. Now, sadly, its a way of life in the mountains. I will never be ashamed of where I grew up. My Mom and grandparents are gone now but I have always continued to visit with relatives in Harlan every summer. Black lung finally got the best of him but legally these days black lung doesnt exist. Daughter has owned her own business in Harlan for thirty years. On this criterion, Robertson County would qualify, but again, its just too far north. Basil Collins Harlan County Obituary | Death | Basil Collins Dead | Died | Funeral Plans - We heard about the great loss, that Basil Collins is no more and I still get over through there for work sometimes. For instance, threats didnt faze me. art halcomb. Its called age, my friend. Webcharity bell guilford county schools; did choi woo shik serve in the military; is impeachment an effective check on the president; joseph moran jr son of thelma ritter. It was tough to find two functioning seats together. Elliott County. Hes married married to one of my first cousins for many years. Like inner cities, there are generations locked into a poverty cycle. Of course you have to wash it all down with whole milk from Chappells Dairy! I thought Harlan was great as a kid but my wife told me if I ever wanted a divorce all I had to do was move here to Harlan. 6. It was a Best Western when it was first built. My kids do that, too. I would make mom break me off a chunk. Andas for the grid: Morehead is east of Middlesboro. Why turn here, I ask? I own a piece of railroad track on the Rhea Straight. Harlan County is not on the way to anywhere. Life in the mountains is easy or hardvery little in between. Glad that youre happy in whatever metro area you moved to. Weve been in the Lexington area since then, but we still say back home when we are talking about Neon and Jenkins. I have a heavy heavy accent. I was born and raised in Leslie County. Thanks for the comments. I aint convinced about mccounty A man that loved My dad spent much of childhood there in the 30s. SO neat to see my family talked about on here! So you see, all of this rambling I have just done is to state the obvious because you have made us sound like we are backwoods, unlearned, in-bred no accounts. And should I know you? I feel the same way, even though my sons say they cant believe I grew up there! I dont get back as often as Id like but always thoroughly enjoy coming back to visit. miners in this county AND other states. Plaster would fall from the ceiling and you could throw popcorn on the stage in front of the screen and watch the rats scurry out to eat. Pingback: Hometown Loyall-ty | Coal Troll's Blog. I called some place the other day, got an automated machine.your name, address, (Im sorryI didnt get that could you repeat that again. The result - Harlan County, U.S.A. (1976) - was an astonishingly intimate and passionate work that won the Oscar for Best Documentary and recently was selected as one of twenty-five films by the Library of Congress to be placed on its Film Registry. You have to sound like us. She went back to Harlan as soon as she was discharged. NOTE TO SELF: Dont move to Ages,Ky,Home of Brookside Mine, during a strike. I lived through that strike, my dad was in charge of security for Eastover, so I guess that made him the head gun thug to many. Again, they are excluded because of lack of isolation. I am a born and raised harlan countian. Some are like me. My parents married in Harlan County in 1949. It is my hometown by choice.I love it, I retired from Ky Dept of Trans (engineering). They had two fabulous sons who have college education with degrees in medical field and other fields. Thanks for the article. We didnt have that problem when I lived there. U take car cuz. She agreed. I think they graduated in the same class at Cawood. I just found this wonderful Blog! We mourn with the family of Basil Collins for this great loss. My parents were stalwarts. Jan had so many stories about the hospital. I used to sleep on the bread racks. There were several Leonard families in the county in my day. I have lived here all my life and even tho at times i feel like due to work i may have to leave, i doubt i ever could. I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN HARLAN,CO. Of course, it doesnt. I am doing a genealogy study on the Leonards, McKendricks and Boteler families who lived at one time in Harlan County and some that still do. Just discovered your blog. Edit. I can connect with outlanders here in Georgetown by telling them, I was there the day that McDonalds opened..great times! When Sheriff One hell of a nice fellow. That I can remember but I cant find my car in the parking lot? If we meet anyone else from Eastern Kentucky, we can get instant acceptance with a simple I grew up in Harlan. Translation: Despite appearances, I will kill you if necessary. . WebSynopsis. Sometimes, the film would jam and you could watch it melt. If I go back to Harlan for even a day, even my family cant understand me when I get back. Alternative name. WebBasil Collins Harlan County Obituary | Death | Basil Collins Dead | Died | Funeral Plans - We heard about the great loss, that Basil Collins is no more and has reportedly passed away. We know at least one person whose mother was really their grandmother, and sister was their mother. I was born in Pike County but grew up in Flatwoods in Greenup County. I have three amazing great-grandbabies. Harlan County USAdivides us into two groups: Those that love it and those that hate it. And they didnt. I was about 11-12 and I remember we played outside constantly. Most OUTSIDE THE COUNTY shopping, doctors visits, etc were in Tennessee I am a Harlan Countian, born in Harlan at the old hospital as they call it. Now, dont confuse Harlan County with the town of Harlan, our county seat. Entertained by the tendency to call you a mooron and ignorant while not fully grasping the importance of grammar and spelling. She would forever remain his Georgia Peach. Two of my best friends were Steve Farley and Jamie Helton. They point to the many fine folks in the county who were (and still are) horrified by the goings on at Eastover. Next, everyone is not here because we cant escape. Funny thing is, thats what my kids do, even though they live in a small city with a million things to do. U may or may not remember it and I also did alot of the fencing around the many many acres he and ur moms own. I used to try and derail the presumptions, now I just embrace them. I grew up in this wonderful town, going for summers and Christmas in Atlanta.