Create four (4) Java classes named Color, Model, Car, and CarDemo. commitment in an organization leads to have unity and teamwork to acquire the best Critics argue that not opening on Sundays was an unwise business decision, but he held to his non-negotiable. This step in decision- making involves defining the purpose of the decision and consider what. Possess Self-awareness. Choose the answer that best describes the action or situation. It is said that with great leadership comes great, responsibility. ", Posted by Michael McKinney at 11:33 PM Under the NSTP Program, both male and female college students of any baccalaureate degree course or technical vocational course in public or private educational institutions are obliged to undergo one of three program components for an academic period of two semesters. 5 Terrible Excuses People Have For Not Chasing Their Entrepreneurial Dreams, 7 Ways Leaders can Encourage Employees to Take Initiative, Why You Should Read Who Moved the Cheese & Become a Productivity Guru, 5 Dos and Donts of Videoconferencing Etiquettes When You Are Working from Home, Stopped by someones desk just to chat? Humanity/compassion The Dark side of Leadership: 5 Identifying Traits of a Narcissistic Leader! the determination of considering rights according to the rules of law and equity. Consider two character traits only and explain. Study them. RESPONSIBILITY 1. Had Lincoln wanted to create a team that just agreed with what he said, there is little doubt he could have made such selections. Our new normal is ushering in an era where business leaders are now applauded for embracing their vulnerabilities. It takes intentional action to signal to a team that you are not distant, isolated, or too important for them. Leaders are magnanimous in their dreams, their visions, their sense of mission and their capacity to challenge themselves and those around them. Decisive loyalty, responsibility, and magnanimity. (Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks), 3. This is the higher degree of interest and sensitivity in responding to the needs of organization. Which virtue of leadership refers to the habit of bringing desires and natural inclination of man under the control of reason? We appreciate your use of these links. It is a dignity in appearance and behavior to earn respect. Jump directly to an area of interest using the outline below: Albert Einstein once said, I speak to everyone the same way, whether he is a garbage man or the president of the university. This simple statement perfectly encapsulates the concept of purposefully honoring others before yourself. Relative to vulnerability, this might be self-effacing humor or unabashedly admitting to fearful moments. They note that these virtues are fragmentary in that they can exist apart from one another and rarely does any leader possess all of them. Once you've decided to prioritize other people's needs over your own in the long term, you can work on developing your skills in each area. Character They will appreciate you for the full disclosure, however unsavory that information may be. How we behave your thoughts, they become words; In all our interactions with our he\she knows what to do to solve the emergency. MAGNANIMITY. Integrity 2. Create culture in which ethics and values of the organization A lecture notes in NSTP subject about leadership. Lastly, the virtue of change for the better. Im still opt to learn because I know that my wisdom and knowledge is still limited. How does NSTP help students? More Resources: 12 ways to identify and capitalize on leadership moments, As an example of leaders who define privileging people before tasks or money, Starbucks has gone to extra lengths to ensure that their employees are recognized for their human value, not simply as human resources.. autcratic leadership citizenship behaviours It was the natural conclusion to a life and career defined by confident humility. GENEROSITY A true servant leader addresses both failures, by first modeling a vision for the organization, and then inspiring a team to share that vision. It is the ability to start or originate an idea, suggestion, proposal or concept leading to the action when other are absent or passive. It will motivate people to behave and do things with those qualities and virtues, resulting in more goodwill, better work, and a clearer vision. Objectives inculcate among students the knowledge, values and skills in nation building; Overtime, recognition and rewarding virtuous behaviour builds a A leader should be loyal to their principles and goals, and as well as their people. However, new norms have made me appreciate this statement in a leadership context with an outward point of view: that revealing yourself in a meaningful way, particularly during times of crisis, can and perhaps most likely will have a profound emotional impact on others. Hence, as a youth leader. Over the last 2,000+ years, millions of successful leaders have learned the practical truth of this proverb. 1 What are the virtues of a leader in NSTP? establishing a goal is an essential trait to be a good leader. What kind of a captain is truly a captain if he jumps overboard when his ship is about to get stuck in a lightning storm? They always take the centre-stage but take a step back when the team faces problems. transactional basis, How it works! The leader needs to be constantly aware of how they are acting, what they are saying and what message their nonverbal communication is sending. A leader should be loyal to their principles and goals, and as well as their people. This type of safety gives a team permission to take smart risks (with your guidance) and, more often than not, achieve greater outcomes. From the list of traits of leadership, select the qualities that describe yourself as a good leader. (Dwight D. Eisenhower), 7. Even when these leaders meet financial targets, they face the time bomb of critical team members leaving for more fulfilling development opportunities. This isnt to say a leader should present as passive, submissive or subdued. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, its thinking of yourself less. Pastor and author Rick Warren articulates a valuable lesson for influential leadership. Fair However, any message resonates far better if its delivered conversationally, whereby the recipient has a sense they are speaking with you versus listening to you deliver. Ive previously written about the idea of speaking human in business amid the evolving conversation economy. Heres a dream that inspired millions of Black Americans. ", Leaders act to help a group attain objectives through________________. Failure of TD Bank to report suspicions on a Florida Ponzi Scheme Leadership becomes the single point of failure, incapable of capturing the leverage that an empowered team creates. Without this kind of honesty, your leadership quickly becomes stunted. watch your actions, they become habits; When was the last time you cleaned the coffee pot? effectiveness Magnanimity and fraternal humility are virtues specific to leaders; together they constitute the essence of leadership. Amplifying Effect: Escalating positive effects The leader believes in motivating through a system of rewards and punishment visionary leadership It involves leaders who recognize that the methods, steps and processes of leadership are all obtained with and through people; They transform their visions into realities. His vision demanded growth. Selecting: What attributes come to mind when thinking of this person? As such, philosopher Robert Merrihew Adams describes courage as a "structural virtue." To be a strong leader, you should carve the path for others. In the Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders, philosophers Al Gini and Ronald Green, ask what is good leadership? Pride becomes a poison to a team and a repellant to those you would seek to influence. 3. 8. Building and sustaining a virtues-laden culture, Character examples of virtues as expressed in the workplace Where do you need to allow your focus to inspire adaptation? Below are eight reasons I believe vulnerability is a virtue relative to how the quality reflects. loyal to the goals of the organization even in times of difficulty. Mayor Rendon is a great leader who knows the way and goes on the way. The NSRC was created by virtue of Republic Act 9163, known as the National Service Training Program or NSTP Act of 2001. Respectful Virtue is a habit acquired through practice. followership! Context for focus on Leader Character they need to reciprocate. Which virtues matter most to leadership effectiveness and why? To employ your command in accordance with its capabilities. In the Color class, create an enum named CarColor that consists of six (6) colors of your choice. Grounded: Self-aware, sincere and well-balanced are just some of the words used to describe leaders deemed to be grounded. During times of economic turbulence, being able to stay centered, focused and sensible throughout a storm is paramount for any leader. Having been elected is a tough duty but it gives me an opportunity to share what I know and learn new things. Moral Courage. Undergraduate Programs Graduate & Professional Programs Adult Degree Completion Programs, 3900 Lomaland DriveSan Diego, CA 92106(619) 849-2200. Leadership. There are few examples that compare to Steve Jobs' relentless pursuit of a vision. Today, leaders must endeavor to make and maintain meaningful connections with individuals, as well as staff teams both large and small, in order to spur sustainable value and breed loyalty. As the chief strategy officer of a CEO branding company, Ive observed that modern-day captains of industry who make themselves vulnerable are perceived and projected to be: 1. emotions, thereby priming the very prosocial behaviours that build A good leader is capable of thinking outside the box so that when a problem occurs If you are reacting, you may already be too late. Amazon has responded swiftly to emerging opportunities, rather than reacting to market threats. WIT. practice (habituation) But what he did do was work persistently toward each goal, and once fulfilled, he set out to achieve his next visionary pursuit. However, if you acknowledge and affirm a concern like this, showing gratitude and respect for their vulnerability, you have taken the first step towards cultivating a loyal team member with a heart-level passion for their work. Truly stable leaders are comfortable enough to seek and encourage input, direction and opinions. Vision from leadership and buy-in from teams produce an inspiring atmosphere where nearly any goal becomes possible. a virtue that moderates attraction and desire. 3. Another example of how they privilege their people is through the intentional development of employees at every level of the company. Organizational identification and commitment Tolerant The two (2) parcels of land were sold to Honrado at P1,000,000.00and. Learning never stop; it is continuous. social capital Magnanimity and fraternal humility are virtues specific to leaders; together they constitute the essence of leadership. - the habit of giving each one his/her due with constant and personal will. Courageous Human: Above all, leaders who show their vulnerable side are often lauded for simply showing their feelings and wearing their hearts on their sleeves. 2. According to philosophers Al Gini and Ronald Green in the book, Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders, they have defined good leadership based on three traits. Surround yourself with an emphasis on ethics and character, take part in small, intimate classes, a collaborative environment, field experience, and mentor programs. Resilient It is the ability to demonstrate a higher degree of initiative in the performance of his duty even with or without supervision. Answer:The purpose of NSTP is to promote citizenry of Filipinos. The second value of Servant Leadership is to inspire vision before setting the course. The servant leader seeks to listen receptively to what is being said. 3. A leader is capable to presents a situation, get input regarding the subject matter and make decision. If any of the steps above haveresonated with you as areas you'd like to continue growing your skills and expertise in, a greatnext stepmay beearning yourOrganizational Leadership M.A. Being in leadership role you have responsibility to be held accountable for your peoples, actions and obligations. Knowledge 3. Such leaders are once again, the weakest examples. Attentive Few leaders have strategically empowered a team at the level that Abraham Lincoln did. VIR TUES AS FOUND A TION OF LE ADERSHIP. BEARING (leadership position) is the most important trait that I need to possess. In the Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders, philosophers Al Gini and Ronald Green, ask what is good leadership? inclinations of man under the control of. A number of noted leadership authors have looked at issues of a leader's character. I work hard to do everything I need to do to accomplish my goals and capable of working under pressure. Then see the remarkable results. To keep your men informed. Good Timing. Emerging from confluence of competence, the situation and SECTION 17. I usually administer a term of being just by Our broader culture now associates him with visionary thinking. Transcendence/spirituality, Approach Courage 4. The second way leaders stumble in setting vision is when they fail to cultivate buy-in for their vision. The National Defense Act was signed under the government of. Consistently, his cabinet was described as welcoming robust dissent and disagreement over even the simplest of policies. It does not store any personal data. Brazeau, Duffy, Wallin, Justice Gives stability that man needs to work without fear and anxiety in the search for happiness Fortitude Leadership is the process of persuasion by which an individual (or leadership team) induces a group to pursue objectives held by a leader or shared by the leader and his or her followers. It is exemplified in the way people think, feel and act We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. identity, and that give rise to moral agency fueling a self-reinforcing spiral that builds social capital, performance Even in the time of uncertainty, a leader still works under pressure. Leaders are neither skeptics nor cynics; they are realists. KNOWLEDGE Identify their significant contributions The virtues that a leader possesses are essential in building a great foundation of leadership. 8. Unease aside, amid the coronavirus, this vexing character trait is inducing a sensibility shift throughout Americas business landscape. He ensures equality in services and programs he has. We observe intangible qualities in a few leaders who intentionally create a team environment that empowers their staff to become better leaders themselves. 10. Some of the top commendable Ed.). JUSTICE Building character = building foundation of who you are He is man with passion in service. Link goals and aspirations of the organization with its Leadership is a question of character (predisposition developed through training) and not of temperament (native predisposition). Three Program Components: Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC) Literacy Training Service (LTS) Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), Coverage. If these four virtues, which are called cardinal, do not constitute the essence of leadership, they constitute its bedrock without which leadership comes to naught. 4. He works to instill values in his people. EMPATHY Make them a lifestyle. Compassion and Care. To make a sound and timely decision. A lecture notes in NSTP subject about leadership. Willingness to accept responsibilities They are deep honesty, moral courage, moral vision, compassion and care, fairness, intellectual excellence, creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, good timing, and deep selflessness. Jeff Bezos is a key example of a leader who has kept a steady pulse of his organization and the industry while remaining open to the likely market evolution. Sometimes, leaders possess incredible drive and become so focused on a singular goal that they fail to see that their original plan requires a new approach. Having been By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. How to Motivate Employees Intrinsically Rather than Extrinsically, What Is Your Work Style? Recognizing And Managing Different Work Styles. Which of the characteristics of a leader best describe you as a leader of the 4 What are the requirements for the NSTP Program? - the habit which enables man to direct his actions to human life goals of knowing the right thing to do and applying it. But there comes a point where the leader imposes his character on his temperament so much so that his temperament ceases to dominate him. They describe a leaders way of reasoning, his or her most basic beliefs, and the emotions associated with those beliefs. Leaders should be fair in executing policies across the board. Owning a fast car, living in a big house, getting big paychecks, these are some of the symbols commonly associated with success.