Originally working for Ruyi, she secretly sided with Empress Fuca and Imperial Noble Consort Hui as a means of climbing up the ranks herself. Thanks to your generosity, we've raised US$ 230,326.19 surpassing our goal of US$ 50,000 so far!. Xiao Han shook his head and said, "I don't know. Nave and kind, she is manipulated often by the women of the Imperial Harem to unknowingly help with their machinations and sometimes works against Ruyi for her own agenda. | Privacy Policy, Singapore's No.1 Female Lifestyle & Beauty Media. Originally siding with Consort Jia, she ended up being close to Consort Ying. Prince Hongli compromises with Yongzheng Emperor to take Lady Qingying as the former's secondary consort in exchange of also taking Lady Gao Xiyue is taken as his concubine as well. Childhood friends with Qianlong Emperor, she was initilally chosen to be his first wife before her family's position in the Imperial Family was compromised. On 12 March 1775, she was posthumously granted the title "Imperial Noble Consort Lingyi", and on 19 November, she was interred in the Yu Mausoleum of the Eastern Qing tombs after a grand funeral far more regal than that of an Imperial Noble Consort. Nursemaid Tian's son and Hu Yunjiao's brother. Her frugal ways were meant. Despite becoming infertile, Consort Rong was promoted and remained a favored Consort. Formerly a personal attendant of Imperial Noble Consort Chun, he was moved to work in the Study Room and ultimately served as Prince Yongji's personal attendant. This could just be a classic case of not being able to fill somebodys shoes, like your annoying BF who keeps comparing you to his ex. It's actually really refreshing to see the actors immerse themselves in their characters and bring real acting to the TV instead of leeching on their pretty face. Lecherous and ambitious, he helps Consort Ling achieve her goals to rise in rank within the Imperial Harem. However, when Yongzheng Emperor exposes Empress Xiaojing for making Prince Hongshi a usurper against him, Prince Hongli is forced to rescind his decision, taking Lady Fuca Langhua as his primary consort instead. Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Episode 2. An ambitious and calculative person, though not as hardworking as his imperial brothers, he is goaded by Imperial Noble Consort Chun to compete for the position of the Crown Prince against his adopted older brother. A Mongolian concubine promoted to be Consort Yu. And make a few changes to prevent anymore more women from suffering and remove the harem system for good. Before her death, she warns Qianlong Emperor of Ruyi and curses whoever tries to pursue her status as Empress to die tragically. Whatever, it doesnt make you any less of a queen. Personal attendant of the Yongzheng Emperor. To save their only surviving son from the pressures and tragedies that come from being an emperor, he made Consort Ling's youngest son to be his successor instead and retires soon after. When asked to fix the painting, Giuseppe stated that it could not be fixed in a way to be exactly as before. As for the real Consort Ling, it was unknown if she was a maid. Aunt of Ruyi, legal mother of Third Prince, and the previous Empress at the beginning of the series. Just dont cast Scarlett Johansson as her. Under Consort Ling's orders, she masterminded a scathing rumor about Ruyi and Ling Yunche having an affair. As Qianlong Emperor's half-older brother and initially the successor to the throne, he lost favor after he was caught usurping the throne from the Yongzheng Emperor. The Fifth Princess of Qianlong Emperor and Ruyi's only daughter. On 10 August 1756, when she was twenty-nine years old, she gave birth to the emperor's seventh daughter, Princess Hejing. He was killed by an avalanche while trying to take Consort Rong back. Nie Yuan's portrayal of Emperor Qianlong was brilliant in our opinion. Her only son, Prince Yongqi, was ultimately adopted by Ruyi and seen as Qianlong Emperor's favorite son until the former's death. Subscribe Now MZTV Exclusive Chinese Drama: https://bit.ly/mztvdrasubSynopsisQianlong took office in 1735 AD, and the side blessing Jin Ruyi, who knew. Despite Qianlong Emperor asking for Ruyi's forgiveness and for her to return to the Imperial Court as Empress once more, she refused to come back or even meet with the other women of the Imperial Harem. However, she is insecure and desires to be the best Empress possible to Qianlong Emperor. *her death was an emotional one. Zhang Hanyue, a writer and critic, said "The show becomes more and more heart-tugging as the story goes deeper." Critics felt that it was ironic and unbelievable for the protagonist to pursue monogamy in a highly feudalistic context. Arrogant, defiant, and another descendant of Mongolian royalty, she quickly became favored by Qianlong Emperor due to her use of aphrodisiacs and as a means of leaking political messages to her own tribe. Ultimately, a confrontation between the, causes Ruyi to cut her hair as a means of symbolically ending their marriage and rescinding her status as Empress, and the act was seen as a major insult against him and Dowager Empress Xi. Looks like your parents know best. Cameo by the original author, most of Liulianzi's scenes were deleted from the final cut. A maid of Ruyi, later sent to serve Noble Consort Yu. A highly skilled uinyeo (female physician) from Joseon, she is skilled in medical treatment, cooking, fighting, and calligraphy. Prince Yongyan Prince Jia of the First Rank Jiaqing Emperor. Formerly the concubine of then-Fourth Prince and eventually promoted as Imperial Noble Consort Hui. Personal maid of Imperial Noble Consort Hui. Like her master, she was thrifty in managing the palace funds and guided the Confucian rituals. However, her marriage was abusive and Ruyi was able to help her get out of it in exchange for helping Ruyi clear her name. Personal Maid Senior Maid Madame Jiang, Maid of Clothes Washing Division Senior Maid. A yueqin player, Concubine Mei was the first of many spies sent by Dowager Empress as a means of controlling the Imperial Harem herself. He often assists Ruyi and Suoxin while they were in The Cold Palace and during Ruyi's rise as Empress. You have probably already heard about the elaborate costumes and sets, bitchy drama and complicated Chinese vocabulary that brings up all your PTSD from Chinese class, from this hit drama series. Princess Jingyuan Princess Hejing of the First Rank. She and Yunzhi were dismissed as part of Qianlong Emperor's orders to dispose Ruyi. He is shown to have a soft spot for Ruyi due to her being Empress Xiaojing's niece. Yuyan, Ruyi's Consort Jia, was one of the best villains ever, Because I loved Ruyi so much, I had trouble with Yanxi at first, but I fell in love with it, too because Yingluo is so smart and bratty. Royal and noble ranks of the Qing dynasty, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Empress_Xiaoyichun&oldid=1152584656, hiyooungga yongsonggo yongkiyaha hwangheo, This page was last edited on 1 May 2023, at 03:31. Before Ruyi's death, Dowager Empress arranged him to live with her for his safety. Due to her background as one of the ladies of the eight banners, she looks down on Ling Yunche and does not have a good relationship with him. Deputy head eunuch of Yangxin Hall Head eunuch of Yangxin Hall Eunuch of Yuanming Garden Head Eunuch of Yangxin Hall. Empress Xiaoyichun (23 October 1727 - 28 February 1775), of the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Weigiya clan, was a consort of the Qianlong Emperor. Obsessed with her since her time as a maid, he strikes a deal to help her rise in ranking in exchange for sexual favors and promotions. She is revealed to be carrying the child of Khan Dawachi upon her arrival, forcing Qianlong Emperor to not be able to rescind her marriage or separate her from her new husband. Ruyi described Consort Wan as a "rare, good person" and forgave her for her actions before Consort Wan vowed to make amends. She was 13 years his junior. She also did not disclose her sickness and dies soon after. She is later killed by Consort Jia's maid Zhenshu as an attempt to hide the truth about Empress Fuca's death. A former maid of Ruyi named A'ruo promoted to be Concubine Shen. She becomes one of Ruyi's allies during her time in the Imperial Harem. Prince Yongzhang Prince Xun of the Second Rank. [54] On August 3, actors Janine Chang, Vivian Wu, Dong Jie, Tong Yao, Jing Chao, Xin Zhilei, Li Chun, Zeng Yixuan and Chen Haoyu were cast in major supporting roles for the drama. Innocent and simple-minded, he was abused and neglected after the death of his birth mother due to Empress Fuca's desire to bear the first son and not his mother. She also accompanied the Qianlong Emperor on his excursions to Mount Tai, Jehol and the areas south of the Yangtze River. Upon her marriage, she became Grand Princess Duanshu. A maid of Empress Fuca turned concubine of then-Fourth Prince and eventually promoted to Noble Lady Yi. Akin to the original, main cast members were almost all unestablished, although . She was 16 years his junior. History records her as having learnt from the Empress, without specifics. In 1765, while on a tour to Hangzhou, Empress Nara fell out of favor and was send back to the Forbidden City to be confined. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube for the latest female fashion, beauty and lifestyle news! Ruyi is a consort who quickly learns to navigate the treacherous politics of the royal court and move up the ranks. from the Imperial Court as a means to set her free. Yonghuang's primary wife and a distant relative of Imperial Noble Consort Chun. The Consort Ling/Yingluo is the same Consort Ling who drinks poison at the end of Ruyi The Consort Jia who is with Gao is the same Consort Jia that gets the earrings from Ruyi after she becomes Empress. Moqin () from the story Legend of Ruyi (Book 6) by DandeeCHS with 23 reads. When Imperial Noble Consort Chun tried to convince Princess Jingse to marry, Princess Jingse mockingly asked for Princess Jingyan to marry instead. Consort Rong's first love and late fianc. Receive news, promotions and more from Zula. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. Due to her past relationship with Qianlong Emperor, she is despised by the women in the Imperial Harem and suffered trials and tribulations as a result. This princess is in the league of Mulan, Elsa and Merida. The show teaches working Singaporean women that promotion is well within reach. A skilled Pipa player who is proficient in the Chinese Four Arts and a favored consort of Qianlong Emperor during the earlier years of his reign, she is arrogant and defiant as a result of her family's status and talents. Careless and egotistical, he started the gossip about Concubine Mei's dead child and tried to scapegoat Ruyi for it. The former Head Eunuch of Yangxin Hall and a personal attendant of Qianlong Emperor. First-run (simulcast). Personal maid of Imperial Noble Consort Qing. He exudedthe charmof Qianlong (based on recorded history), was a filial son and a no-nonsense monarch. Due to his affections to Lancui, he is threatened by Consort Ling to frame Ruyi for her role in harming Prince Yongxuan. Airs Monday to Friday at 18:0018:58. A lady who enters the Imperial Harem along with Concubine Ke and First Attendant Xi. At Dowager Empress's order, he secretly weakened Imperial Noble Consort Hui's health and helped Consort Shu become pregnant. His personal decision to be adopted by Ruyi caused jealousy from Empress Fuca and Imperial Noble Consort Hui. A concubine of then-Fourth Prince and eventually promoted to Consort Wan. The only famous actress prior to this drama is Chermaine Sheh. Despite Ruyi's desire to have her son back, she allowed Imperial Noble Consort Chun to raise him in order to avoid more conflict within the Imperial Harem. Dowager Empress Xi, initially distrusted Consort Xian but granted her the name "Ruyi". He dies due to recurring bone cellulitis caused by Consort Ling's actions and his death was blamed on Ruyi. As a result, he was initially considered to be next in line to the throne. Brought with her sister and other servants from Consort Rong's home, they willingly came under Qianlong Emperor's orders in order to ease her homesickness. As he grows older, his weaknesses cause him to fall victim to Consort Ling's influence and becomes a shadow of a man Ruyi used to love. Ruyi met palace guard Ling Yunche when she was first banished to the Cold Palace, and they soon developed a close friendship. Her actions caused Qianlong Emperor to distrust Ruyi further. Read 16. As a result, Empress Dowager secretly ordered physicians to poison Imperial Noble Consort Hui. Language: Despite their partnership, Consort Ling ultimately betrays and kills him in the end. Princess Jingyun Princess Hejing of the Second Rank. Subscribe to our newsletter! The drama's producer Yu Zheng wanted to make a gamble by featuring lesser-known actors andletting their talents speak for themselves and he did it. Despite vowing to protect Ruyi, he lets his ego and indulgence control his decisions over Ruyi's well-being. Manipulated by Consort Jia, Concubine Mei killed Empress Fuca's son by making him contract smallpox. [64][65], On 10 June 2016, Fox Networks Group Asia (FNG) acquired global rights outside mainland China to the series. Many felt underwhelmed by the unaggressive heroine, who was not able to face off the villain consorts even in the second half of the drama, thus making her character design flawed and unconvincing. Due to his ego, he is often humbled by his father when he tries to outshine his brothers. Seven of his sons were living at the time, but he decided to choose Yongyan, who was not outstanding, but was hardworking and humble. Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace ("Ruyi") is a sequel to the 2012's Empresses in the Palace and it focuses on Emperor Qianlong's relationship with the step-Empress Ulanara. hiiamirene 1 yr. ago Yes, exactly. As a result, Story of Yanxi Palace ("Yanxi Palace") broadcasted first, stealing all the audience's hearts (including ours). [56] The series wrapped up filming on May 5, 2017.[57]. When Ruyi was sent to live in the Cold Palace, he was then adopted by Imperial Noble Consort Chun. Emperor Qianlong is your sensitive new age guy trapped in antiquity. The show depicts her as a subtly scheming villain but history shows no record of such behaviour. A former maid who entered the palace when Ruyi is promoted to Imperial Noble Consort and became part of the Imperial Harem. The Ninth Princess of Qianlong Emperor and Consort Ling's youngest daughter. Qianlong Emperor eventually realizes the error of his ways and attempts to reconcile with Ruyi until her death. [4] It later went on national broadcast and aired simultaneously on Jiangsu Television and Dragon Television from 25 December 2018.[5]. [59], However, there were also praises for the drama. When his mother returned to live with the Imperial Family, he came along with her. Despite his orders, he saw how much his son loved her and allowd him to have Ruyi as his son's cefujin so long as Qianlong Emperor takes Empress Fuca as difujin and Imperial Noble Consort Hui as Mistress. He initially wanted to marry Suoxin but was rejected due to his inability to bear children as a Eunuch but still loves her dearly. Compared with Ruyi in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, Consort Ling can be said to be more skillful in making trouble. ", "Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019 winners", "Fox Networks Boards Chinese Series 'Ruyi's Love in the Palace', "Fox Networks Group Asia acquires exclusive rights to Ruyi's Love in the Palace", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ruyi%27s_Royal_Love_in_the_Palace&oldid=1149950067, Television series set in the Qing dynasty, CS1 Chinese (Hong Kong)-language sources (zh-hk), CS1 Chinese (China)-language sources (zh-cn), Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. Enters the palace at the same time as Consort Yu. To preserve her dignity and prevent her from being further bullied, Ruyi helped her become a Mistress in the Imperial Harem and she eventually became known as Noble Consort Yu. Personal attendant of Imperial Noble Consort Hui. He grows up to be ambitious and yearns to succeed his father. She passed away at age 37, probably from sickness. After becoming Empress, Ruyi still must survive the many conspiracies against her. [51], New Classics Media picked up the series for a 90episode season (later shortened to 87), with a 300 million budget, making it the most expensive television series in China. Lady Qingying is banished from the Imperial Court upon Empress Xiaojing's house arrest. (Inspired by the song Metamorphosis by Leeandlie.) Manipulated by Consort Ling into thinking that Ruyi killed her mother, she is ordered to sow discord between Prince Yongqi and Ruyi. Starring Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo, the series chronicles the relationship between Emperor Qianlong and Empress Nara. Unfortunately, the Ulanara family's . Empress Fuca and Imperial Noble Consort Hui despised her for receiving favor and caused her to miscarry. She is even given a new residence by Hongli as compensation for the times she suffered in the Cold Palace. Get Ready For Vestiaire Days 2023: Up To 70% Discount On Pre-Loved Designer Bags, Clothes & Jewellery! History records her as having learnt from the Empress, without specifics. Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Ry Zhun, lit. She was born to a Han Bondservant class, which meant that she was as unroyal as Meghan Markle by birth. Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (2018) - Full Cast & Crew - MyDramaList Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (2018) Details Episode Guide Cast & Crew Reviews Recommendations Photos Edit this Page Director Wang Jun Cheng Yuan Hai Screenwriter Wu Xue Lan Main Role Zhou Xun Ulanara Ruyi Main Role Wallace Huo Emperor Qianlong Main Role Janine Chang His decision to take Third Prince out of the line of succession and make Qianlong Emperor his successor forced the latter to initially rescind his decision to make Ruyi his difujin. Emperor Qianlongs ceremonial court robe c. 1796-1795. Consort Rong remained loyal to Ruyi for helping her become infertile at the cost of Ruyi's reputation and became Qianlong Emperor's voice of reason, criticizing him when he acts against Ruyi's wishes. You might wonder why men will subject themselves to castration. In 1745, she was granted the title "Noble Lady". Prince Yongcheng Prince L of the First Rank. Yanxi palace, living for it! Concubine Shen was sent to The Cold Palace as a commoner and committed suicide shortly after being tortured under Ruyi's orders. A favored concubine of Qianlong Emperor from Joseon that rose and fell in rank over the years but became known as Consort Jia. Ruyi's ascension from Consort to Imperial Noble Consort to Step Empress was made uneasy due to Consort Jia's attempt to curb her favor with scathing rumors and other actions that led to various injuries and deaths to those Ruyi loved. Vogue magazine commented that the drama actually recorded "the failure of a high-end girl" because what Ruyi had been pursuing was spiritual connections with her spouse; and such a pursuit represents the taste and ideal of the modern middle class. Consort Ling attempted to take her daughter back but her attempt proved her inability to control the Imperial Harem and led to her disrespecting Dowager Empress. Second-run (re-run). She occasionally visits Ruyi after her marriage and helps her attend to a few things during her stay despite having her own children to tend to. An attendant of Qianlong and Li Yu's disciple. Can the Ministry of Education invest in the artistry, storytelling and craft so we care about Chinese, History and Chinese History again? [50], Wu Xuelan, also known as Liu Lianzi, started to write the original novel in 2011, and changed her work several times to achieve the best version in the next five years. She fell from further favor as Ruyi began clashing with Qianlong Emperor and siding with the former. Loyal and empathetic, he initially wanted to work with Consort Ling to better both their lives and hopefully get married together soon after. To save face, her family revealed that she was actually adopted, explaining why Crown Prince is unable to love her. Many people enjoy the refreshing strong female character. [61], On January 25, 2019 the Beijing Daily, an official government newspaper, criticized the program for failing to promote socialist values. During Ruyi's time in The Cold Palace, she is able to enter the Imperial Harem and promoted to become a concubine despite having no children or reputation. Due to Empress Fuca's expectations, Prince Yonglian was often pushed to excel academically. When Empress Fuca fell into the water, she chose to not rescue her and she is also suspected of being involved in the death of Prince Yonglian. She initially dislikes Ruyi because of her familial relationship with Empress Xiaojing, but later grows to respect her for her intelligence and her pure love for Qianlong Emperor, becoming an ally to her in the end. Hongli was forced to make Yongyan (Consort Ling's son) the future Emperor, because he was the ONLY capable candidate. A maid from the Clothes Washing Division who succeeded Suoxin as Ruyi's Senior Maid. He is married to Imperial Princess Consort Hegong. After becoming Empress, Ruyi still must survive the many conspiracies against her. Her death caused Consort Jia to spiral further down into mental decline and ultimately her downfall. After being rescued by Doctor Jiang Yubin and learning that she was betrayed, she willingly testified against Consort Ling to Qianlong Emperor. Our beloved Empress Fuca Rongyin (played by the oh-so-beautiful Qin Lan in Yanxi Palace) becomesa scheming character in Ruyi who's always collaborating with Noble Consort Huixian to frame Ruyi. Her eldest surviving son became the Jiaqing Emperor. Ruyi personally cut off the hair, expressing that he and Qianlong are in peace. The series received mixed responses from viewers. Out of guilt and as a final attempt of making things right, he removed all traces of her (paintings, records, etc.) Although Consort Ling's background is not high, she is loved by Qianlong. Nursemaid and mother of Prince Yongqi's concubine. It was reported that Rongpei committed suicide after Ruyi's death. An imperial guard and friend of Ling Yunche. Oldest daughter of the Yongzhend Emperor and Dowager Empress. Gentle yet determined, she is a loyal friend and confidante of Ruyi. You might be comforted to know that the Manchu rule in Qing dynasty banned women from binding their feet. A Mongolian concubine promoted to be Concubine Ke. A daughter of a Deputy Minister promoted to be Noble Consort Qing. ; Good Parents: She's a good mother to Yongqi and truly loves him.She encourages him to focus on being a good subject instead of vying for the throne. A poster child for those who feel ministerial salary too high in 2018. The story follows Step Empress Nara and her life during the Qianlong Emperor's reign as his consort until her death. Airs Monday to Friday at 21:0022:00. She serves as a representative for all the Mongolian Harem members and . In daily dress, with the young Jiaqing Emperor. The accusation led to Suoxin to be tortured but Consort Jia to be demoted once her plans were exposed. He pined for her decades after her death and wrote thousands of poems, many dedicated to his one and only true love. Prince Yongji was suspected to be a product of an alleged affair between Ruyi and Ling Yunche, causing further strain on Ruyi's relationship with Qianlong Emperor and Ling Yunche to be castrated. Sensitive and intelligent, he becomes Qianlong's favorite son and was adopted by Ruyi, but began distancing himself from her after hearing rumors and accusations so as to not incur Qianlong's wrath and lose favor so that he can help his foster mother when appropriate. It is predictable after a while, but Yanxi Palace is more creative with its suspense and resolutions. The fourth son of the Yongzheng Emperor and Dowager Empress's adoptive son. In a parallel universe in Ruyi, she's just another antagonist who was reduced to a palace maid after her father's treason butrise up the ranksagain, eventuallybecoming Consort Ling. Our donation form is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Consort Ling, a former maid turned concubine and look-a-like of Ruyi began rising in power and continues to scheme against Ruyi and several other members of the Imperial Harem. This page was last edited on 15 April 2023, at 12:44. Aisin-Gioro Hongli (Emperor Qianlong) wants Ulanara Qingying to be his princess consort, by giving her a Ruyi as a symbol of the main wife. It reminds us why history is subjective and written by the victors. Eunuch of the Internal Affairs Department. Although she is witty and intelligence, her forthright personality is often considered disrespectful, especially in a place which values propriety and restraint. This resulted in her holding high expectations for those around her- including her servant and children- and intentionally causing Ruyi and Hui to not be pregnant. Qingying / Ruyi. Formerly the first wife of then-Fourth Prince and eventually the Empress Fuca. Being jealous, the emperor was very important to him, and he also showed that he was virtuous and virtuous. She also helps escorts new members of the Imperial Harem and act as a liaison between him and others within the Imperial Court. Qianlong Emperor puts her under house arrest and lets Consort Ling oversee the Imperial Harem as the new de-facto Empress. Looks like princesses only have happy endings in Disney movies.