This makeshift effort would be his first step to developing his incredible physique. Robby Benson and Wife Karla DeVito during "Descending Angel" Los Angeles Premiere at Directors Guild in Hollywood, California, United States. At your age, if you train carefully, and are strict with your food intake, you can produce exceptional results without the use if risky performance enhancers. Whilst also the first ever professional bodybuilder to still be in competition shape into his 70's, Robby is and was a force to be reckoned with. I went to New York and won Mr. World two weeks later, and Im thinking, This is madness! Sergio Oliva was there years ahead of him. But, on the other hand, some might think that "we've seen enough of her--let someone else get a chance.". He is a great example that anything can be achieved. Go to for the complete portfolio. I mean, theyd run you out of the gym.. I dont really have the desire to want to be a movie star now. I loved that movie, though. My first encounter with steroids was about two weeks before Mr. World [in 1979]. Lena: After I competed in the Fitness World Pro in NY '97, Joe Weider asked if I could come directly to LA to shoot for a cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine. Interview by Kristian Rhim/Photograph by Erik Carter. Lena Johannesen enthusiastically participated in soccer, basketball, and various aerobic activities. When I came to Los Angeles in 1975 from Florida, I was denied a professional contract. Roberson, 50, and his wife, 46, could each have faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted on charges of child rape and molestation. [In the early 80s] I was suspended because of the fact Ive spoken out about Hey, you know, listen, theres really no money here; people dont really care about you. This has been an effective way to increase the muscle growth process. At 65, he is still remembered for his fantastic show of skills in the late 1970s. I made it through all of that, and I just felt that you got to say something. Kristian Rhim is a recent graduate of Springfield College. I ran track. I had been in LA for four weeks and was fortunate enough to arrange an appointment to meet him in his Woodland Hills office. Hard work pays off. Robby is survived by his wife of 59 years, Joanne; his children Todd (Leisa) Robinson, Matthew (Jennifer) Robinson,. The tensions between Robinson and the IFBB continued to grow. A few words on how you started bodybuilding and when you started taking it seriously. Wilkins: Do you regularly log on and read what the fans think on the various bodybuilding web sites? Robbie Dale, DJ on Radio Caroline and Radio Veronica during the 1960s and 1970s; Robbie Robinson (footballer) (1879-c. 1951), English footballer of the early 1900s Robbie Robinson (soccer) (born 1998), American soccer player Robby Robinson (musician), keyboardist and musical director for The Four Seasons Robbie Robinson (referee) (born 1959), American . You know, I went to Providence yesterday to talk to one of Father Talbot's victims. Robbie Robinson was interviewed and photographed for Lift Every Voice, in partnership with Lexus. A standard breakfast was steak, or hamburger patty, with whole eggs and cheese on the side. Benson rose to fame as a teen idol, appearing in "One on One," "Ice Castles," and many other movies. Oct 26, 2022 06:00 P.M. Robby Benson has been married to his wife Karla DeVito for four decades, and even after so long, he still thinks she is the most amazing person he has ever met. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Robby Robinson . And he doesnt just draw the line at food Robby is a big supplement enthusiast. He needed to get his name out there. The couple has three children together. I believe in the basic exercises. Due to allergies I will have to pick my next pet wisely (maybe a black giant Schnauzer). "Robby Robinson. Lena's first attempt at the Ms. And he's one of the better ones. Lift Every Voice records the wisdom and life experiences of the oldest generation of Black Americans by connecting them with a new generation of Black journalists. I love those clean and presses, I love the T-bar row, the deadlift. Long after most of his contemporaries had retired or reached their peak . Greatest Physiques is the number 1 destination for the best looking bodies on the planet. It has taken me many years to find out what works best for my physique.. If not -- He'll be back! The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. After he complained about mistreatment, the IFBB suspended him and he moved overseas to compete without the fear of racism. Not only is he knownas one of the greatest bodybuilders in history, but also as an action movie star, and an American politician. . Known early in his career as Robin Robinson,[2] he is also known as The Black Prince and Mr Lifestyle. The heavy week is incredibly structured, with a set routine and emphasis on pausing at the peak of each rep. Lena came in 4th place barely missing a qualification to the Fitness Olympia. Mike was constantly outspoken when it came to the IFBB and training, as was Robby the two were fiercely competitive towards each other. These legendary bodybuilders would typically lift in the morning, then grab a bite to eat from a nearby restaurant. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Period. He was harassed at contests and struggled with steroids and sickle cell anemia. Ive learned that, if your nutrition is off, everything is off. "Somewhere Down the Crazy River" (1987) This 1987 hit appeared on Robertson's debut solo album, Robbie Robertson. He could never compete in the IFBB again. I recently contacted the "Nordic Knockout" to see what she thinks about the industry and find out what is going on in her busy life. But outside of that have, I dont know him as a person, there were too many, I would say, negative encounters.. Continue with Recommended Cookies. You just cant beat that feeling of knowing that your physique is one youve worked hard for. After competing in more than 300 amateur competitions, Robinson turned professional in 1975. I have many other favorites too, but they are no longer competing. I made enough money to buy a little home in Holland. Lena: I really enjoyed Hawaii (Oahu). I never heard the word n***** until I came to California in 75. Robbie or Robby Robinson may refer to: . You have your wishes and dreams, like to go to Hollywood and be labeled into that world, like Arnold with Conan and Lou the Hulk. Because everybody was poor, Blacks and whites, it didnt look like I was any better than youwe ate the same food, cooked in the same pots. When he got off the plane, there was no one there to meet him. My first international cover was the June 1998 edition of Muscle & Fitness. Arnold is such a great, interesting person and he has tons of fans, so I actually think he will win! VAIL One of Vail's originals, William "Robby" Robinson, died Monday. (The other members of the on-screen. I had a great physique; I had a good, tough mindset. I've been to Boracy which is an island just outside Manila, Philippines. By 1977, Robby hadwon every IFBB competition he entered. Robinson established the Crossmen in 1974 as a merger between two smaller suburban Philadelphia-based corps, the Keystone Regiment (where he was a staff member) and the 507 Hornets. The family will receive guests in the Memorial Chapel of Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Funeral Home on Thursday, 3:00 PM, April 22, 2010. If you dont care about yourself, youre not gonna make it.. A letter arrived for him from Joe Weider, inviting him down to Golds Gym, Venice Beach to train with the pros. Don't give up! And I just never listened to the negatives. Hustle", "The Black Prince: Robby Robinson Speaks", Robby Robinson interview with,, 1994 - Mr Olympia - Masters - IFBB, Winner, 1991 - Musclefest Grand Prix - IFBB, Winner, 1989 - World Pro Championships - IFBB, Winner, 1988 - Niagara Falls Pro Invitational - IFBB, Winner, 1979 - Pittsburgh Pro Invitational - IFBB, Winner, 1979 - Grand Prix New York - IFBB, Winner, 1979 - Best in the World - IFBB, Professional, 1st, 1978 - Professional World Cup - IFBB, Winner, 1976 - Mr Universe - IFBB, MiddleWeight, 1st, 1976 - Mr Universe - IFBB, Overall Winner, 1976 - Mr International - IFBB, Medium, 1st, 1976 - Mr International - IFBB, Overall Winner, This page was last edited on 26 March 2023, at 14:12. But that would not have done any good. In his first year as a professional in 1975, he won the IFBB Mr America, Mr World and Mr Universe titles. This is where him and other famous bodybuilders (like Arnold Schwarzenegger) would train each day. Robby believes nutrition isthe most important part of the bodybuilder lifestyle one of the main things he recommends is whole, natural foods. In 1978, history repeated itself. Check out our top rated fat burners to find out what actually works. Turn Inspiration to ActionConsider donating to the National Association of Black Journalists. The couple worked together on Broadway's "The Pirates of Penzance" while playing Frederic and Mabel. I also might have been a scuba instructor or swimming coach or a make up artist or photographer. After he complained about mistreatment, the IFBB suspended him and he moved overseas to compete without the fear of racism. Your email address will not be published. Now, you might not believe it, but that saved my life. Not only on your body, but hair, make up, suits and shoes, and stage presentation. He couldnt believe his eyes. Im in a very happy place with what Ive accomplished. Robby Robinson was said to have [] For the Masters Mr. Olympia, I knew that if I could go in there and get myself in great shape, that whatever competitorswhatever racism, discrimination was thereI thought my physique could take it down, and it did. To gain acceptance, heset Robbya task, something that would push The Black Prince to hisabsolutelimit. He often jokes that his friends use to say he hasn't gone all that far in life. But he left it all, to live his dream at Golds Gym. Harold Lee "Robby" Robinson, age 97 of Logan, Ohio, formerly of Charleston, West Virginia, passed away on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 at his daughter's home in Logan. Go to for more. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Browse 24 robby benson wife photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more photos and images. Even into his older years, Robby continued to stand up for black bodybuilders in the community. He was harassed at competitions and struggled with steroids and sickle cell anemia. His mother was illiterate, and his father was a bootlegger who later abandoned his 14 children. I continue to say that. 2023 Greatest Physiques. So I just didnt listen to all the negs. I had done everything I could in little Norway, so if I wanted to advance within the industry, I would have to move to where the action is, Los Angeles, California. Your body is still going through puberty, and utilizing steroids is very risky at your age, and unnecessary. He was harassed at competitions and struggled with steroids and sickle cell anemia. From an early age, the main fitness figures that inspired Robby were Jack La Lanne, and Joe Weider. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. To Waller, Robinson looked the part, but he didnt know if he was strong enough to play it. La Lanne helped him discover health and fitness and Weiders image in bodybuilding magazines showed him which direction to go in. The Robby Robinson diet mirrors the golden age muscle building plan. I was doing well because I had just a great body. 2023 Greatest Physiques. Learn how to avoid fad diets by crafting meals with real food and understanding basic nutrition. Robby Robinson is a retired American professional bodybuilder, artist, actor, and personal trainer. Wilkins: Since you live currently in California and also came to America from Europe, what are your feelings on Arnold running for Governor? Wilkins: What is your feeling on the current state of women's bodybuilding (BB)? I remember taking a shot, walking home, collapsing in the door. Walter 'Robby' Robinson : Mmm. But when the judge said, The first Masters Mr. Olympia is Robby Robinson, everybody let out boos. I recently contacted the Nordic Knockout to see what she thinks about the industry and find out what is going on in her busy life. Robby Robinson net worth is $6 Million Robby Robinson Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Robby Robinson is known for his work on Fight Club (1999), L.A. During this time, Robinson admits part of his success may have been aided by anabolic steroids. He was already a seasoned bodybuilderwithouteven turning pro. Robbys light weeks take a far more less structured approach. That hit me hard. He was 72. . This is also a much different practice compared to modern bodybuilding. Robbys arrival in California wasnt as welcoming as he thought. [In the early 80s] I was suspended because of the fact Id spoken out about Hey, you know, listen, theres really no money here; people dont really care about you. Thats what I came out here with in 75, and Im back down to that, When you win the first of something, it gives you a feeling of real achievement. Fitness Olympia title was a huge success. Lena has competed in 25 Pro Fitness shows (including 2 Figure shows) some of her competition highlights include: PO Box 325, Culver City, CA. Constantly outspoken in bodybuildingover racism and unfairness in the sport, Robby has stood up numerous times for what he believes in. So I think, Something good, something badthats just how life is. If Taplin is to be believed, Sandy Helm kept Robbie from performing on Sunday. I don't think it hurts to get lots of publicity. Dedicated to improving the quality of life of older African-Americans, NCCBAs educational programs arm them with the tools they need to advocate for themselves.Listen Now: Lift Every Voice has been transformed into a powerful podcast, which records the wisdom and life experiences of the oldest generation of Black Americans by connecting them with a new generation of Black journalists. As we all know Jeter is not married and has played just about the entire NY scene while he has been a Yankee. In 1996, the IFBB held a Pro Fitness competition in Norway with the top five athletes from the recent Norwegian championship receiving a special invite to compete. And you know what, good for Jeter. Robinson blamed his loss on racism in the IFBB, claiming: They wanted a white Mr. Olympia for commercial reasons.. . He's often referred to by his nicknames Mr. Black Prince and Mr. Lifestyle, both of which were made to celebrate his many accomplishments. Hed eventually return to the U.S. in 1994, winning the first ever Mr. Olympia Masters, for athletes over 50, en route to three such titles. Son toan illiterate mother, and abandoned by a bootlegger father. Bodybuilding legend Robby Robinson is one of the greatest bodybuilders to have ever graced the bodybuilding stage. A few days later, Robby woke up at 2 a.m. and found himself in the middle of a grand mal seizure. Robby Robinson's longevity and his continued excellence in his 40s and 50s have made him that rare bodybuilding headliner: a man who can win trophies at almost any age. What are your favorite sites? The couple was married in 1967. And youre talking the auditorium is packed, thousands of people screaming and yelling, you know, for Lou [Ferrigno]. Fitness International '98 4th place finish, Fitness International '99 3rd place finish. Robby Robinson is one of the greatest athletes from bodybuildings Golden Era. Robbie is a personal friend of mine. These episodes tended to occur during contest preps, and became one of the reasons he decided to stop competing. Robbie Robertson, a famous and talented musician is currently single after a miserable split up with his wife, Dominique Bourgeois, a Canadian journalist. Ralph W. "Robby" Robinson, age 55 of Van Buren went to be with the Lord on Monday, April 1, 2002 at his home, surrounded by his loving family and friends.
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