I debated changing the Raglan increases because I generally prefer to have the increase line extend all the way down below the armpit. Tip: Not sure how youd like your neckline to look? As long as that shoulder is around 2 wide, you should have adequate room in the back neck without adding extra shaping. This size allows you to get a good measurement By determining desired stitch and row counts, and then determining the number of increases to make, you arrive at a sweater that fits perfectly. Short rows keep us from knitting stitches. This might be a good time to talk about the goal of short rows. This is because you can keep working in the same direction as that type of cast-on. Simple Worked-From-The-Top Raglan Pullover Pattern Calculated by the Percentage Method. For a crew neck, were looking at a shallow neckline, just enough to create room for your neck. For some body shapes, this works just fine, BUT on the smaller and larger end of the spectrum, you can have problems. Weve already covered many fitting tips and techniques in this series, and heres our final suggestion: compound raglan shaping can also refine fit. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('interstitial-ad');}); Save patterns, share updates, and connect with your community. the top. UFO to WIP: Can This Crochet or Knitting Project Be Saved? Tilda by Kazekobo () PS - many thanks to Anne Marie Hart for technical editing support on this post! If youve been reading this series, all of this information should sound familiar. The shaping is all absolutely identical, and you can see that this would have zero effect on the back neck. Lisas designs from Knitting Plus are lovely. If rows used in shaping is MORE rows than you calculated when you worked out desired neck depth, youll need to either increase the number of bottom neck stitches or work more rate A rows. Now compare the raglan sweaters geometry to the bodys geometry. Cecelia. Im planning a top down raglan that will be partly machine knit and partly hand knit (color work on body and sleeves just below division from yoke). I have a difficult time picking up the neckline where the front increases have been. When you have finished the raglan yoke increases, you still need to join the body together. This gives each section a triangular shape. But you wouldn't solve this by working right back and forth across between the back raglans. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. You can get that same weird built-up neckline look from a sweater with or without short rows or neck shaping. I love hearing what you have to say! I am narrower at the shoulder and wider in the body and hip area. Generally I use M1R before and M1L after but reversing it works fine if you keep it consistent. These little crochet hearts can be stuffed with the love-infused herbs recommended, or your favorite scented herbs, and a rose quartz stone or bead to amplify the sense of love radiating off of this precious gift. On small-busted women, especially those with large upper arms or lower bodies, these same lines can serve to emphasize that disproportion. If this is your first sweater I recommend starting with the Tilda pattern. If youd like to see this in action, check out Soft Structure. BTWmany of the Dovestone patterns are on my project list :). My goal is to give you some room to breathe! For the raglan inc, when you add in the different directions for sleeve increases only or body increases only, those formulas do not seem to add up. over his head if I do it exactly the way the pattern spits out. To correct this, I write my patterns with two rates of increases. Step 4: Finesse your shaping - have you used all your rows? Posted on 28 Jan 15:32, The Ripening of the Raspberry Cheesecake Capelet Posted on 27 Oct 18:04, New & Improved - Stormy Top Posted on 13 Oct 23:59, It's time for Autumn Field Socks! Row 2 (WS): DS, work in pattern on WS to C sts before the marker / marked stitch, turn. Is it possible to cut the armhole and add a rhombus or some similar piece? Up until now, these patterns have only been available as part of the book, but over the coming weeks, Ill be releasing the individual patterns one at a time! Thank you so much if you can help! As weve already seen, raglan sweaters too employ geometry ruleswhether theyre constructed from the top down or the bottom up, the neck opening is essentially a rectangle that grows at its 4 corners into trapezoids or cones. E.g. Working a smaller size and realize the yoke is too shallow? Another option is to eliminate more than two stitches in your first rate A row, which has the added benefit of creating an even more smooth curve. if you'll be casting on 16 underarm sts, you'll work raglan increases in the front/back until you have 83 sts, then 16 will be cast on at the underarm, giving you 99. . Cant thank you enough for this detailed explanation and worksheet. If youre not a raglan-lover, decide whether your lack of affection stems from this sweaters armhole shaping and how it works for your unique figure, or if you simply need to tweak fit as you make your raglans. Remember - what we're doing with short rows is leaving some stitches in the front unworked. The Slopes Pullover and Azure Lake Sweater feature circular-yoke shaping, decorated with seamless patterning. Lets dive in and check out why you might want to try knitting a raglan style sweater! I added red lines to make these changes easier to see (and to make Euclid cry). Throughout this Interweave series on raglan fit and construction, all contributors have proclaimed their love for top-down raglans and raglans in general. It should fit you but not be tight. You can use Kniterator to DIY your own basic top-down raglan sweater, yoke sweater, camisole, or cowl - all in your size and your gauge. the example covers shaping a sleeve, but the formula can be applied to any shaping you want. If the pattern already has them distributed in compound shaping, add your new decreases evenly. Both sweaters are for my kiddos. for kids and adults. You can definitely think critically about the instructions you encounter in patterns you follow or you could use it to write your own knitting pattern. Its deep back covers any unsightly lumps we may have, and the tailored style is classic. Overall the lack of structure particularly at the shoulders can make for a less durable sweater. When you get down to the torso of the sweater it can easily be shaped and fitted any way you like it. Womens upper bodies, however, dont necessarily curve in a smooth line: our curves pick up speed and then slow down, so to speak. You need room for your neck, or your sweater will ride up onto your neck and pull. Raglan: [biographical name] 1st Baron 1788-1855 FitzRoy James Henry Somerset British field marshal. The shaping of the sleeve must match the front and back shaping so that all the pieces fit together properly. For many women, these are unfortunate places for excess fabric. Youll need to add one more row to resolve all those double stitches, so the formula is: Rows worked in raglan shaping per pattern - neck shaping rows - 1. Great for those new to crochet! The contents of this post first appeared in one of my weekly Studio Updates. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Ysolda Teague explains how she calculated her compound raglan yoke for Stripy, a multi-part tutorial on fit. We use cookies to optimize our website and our service. From the website: The percentage method of creating a sweater pattern uses the chest measurement plus an allowance for ease of fit as a basis for all other measurements. Im going to walk you through adding a shallow short-row neckline to a raglan thats knit in the round from the bottom up. For the hips an a-line shape should work well. As an extra special bonus from baa ram ewe, youll also get a discount code for 10% off their Dovestone DK yarn for the same time period. When I made my first sweater from Jennifers book, Id never heard of compound raglans before. You probably then want to add a few more underarm increases to bring the bust size up to what you need. For a crew neck, youll want to use two shaping rates to eliminate stitches, so that youre getting rid of stitches faster at the bottom of the neckline. The first that I want to talk about is top-down seamless raglan. NOTE: subtract F from this number to get the number you are increasing to during the raglan shaping. If you work your raglan straight down from the neck, you will have the front of the neck the same height as the back. If you were here I would give you a huge hug! You can do this by adding short rows across the back of the neck. The compound raglan allows for a more flattering fit because the rate of increase varies to more accurately follow the shape of the body. The percentage method of creating a sweater pattern uses the chest Pattern + overview / Part 1: Casting on and marking raglans / Part 2: Raglans and neck shaping / Part 3: Finishing the neck and yoke / Part 4: Separating the sleeves and body / Part 5: The art of sweater shaping / Epilogue: The possibilities are endless. By understanding what the designer had in mind and what YOU need, you can intervene in an informed way. Posted on 27 Sep 10:33. The front and back views show how shoulders slope downwards quickly near the neck, then more gently until they reach their full width. Please note: The shaping of the sweater is based on raglan styling from the top down. Is this correct? To create a raglan, a designer will determine the desired yoke depth, shoulder width (stitches at the neck), neck width, bust circumference, and bicep circumference. When I think about it I think Im just following and exaggerating the way the individual stitches lean so it wouldnt matter- when I get to the next sleeve I would do them in the same order. Yoke depth is determined by the body's dimensions, Raglan shaping needs to mirror the body's shape, "Raising the back neck too quickly," and other short row shaping myths, Myth 1: Short rows in raglans can be worked across the back neck only, Myth 2: Short rows in the neckline can raise the back neck too fast, Modifying a raglan sweater to fit you perfectly. That area - the underarm to the neck - is called the yoke. One question shows up again and again: What formula do you use to shape a raglan? The sleeves are worked from the top down starting with stitches picked Comments must be approved before showing up. Raglan Fundamentals Fundamentally, a raglan is a sweater that is shaped between the underarm and the neck with four columns of decreases that go from the front and back of each armhole up to the neck. If you are accustomed to or if you are a beginner this pattern may not meet all your needs. The raglan line curves more at top than in the middle on this garment, shown most clearly when I laid an improvised straightedge next to the line. Sometimes, then, well see necklines that work well in the middle and larger sizes, but because the shoulder gets more narrow as sizes get smaller, the smallest sizes dont have adequate depth. If you want to join me virtually for a 12-week knitting adventure as we mastergarment fit and modification, then my signature masterclass is waiting for you here. Simple Worked-From-The-Top Raglan Pullover Pattern Calculated by the Percentage Method The pattern is generated so that you can use any size knitting needle with any weight yarn.
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